Why is Organic Clothing Better for Babies?


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It is important for parents to not forget that skin of babies is different from that of adults. Thus, selecting the clothing for your little buddies isn’t very easy as well. For now, it’s just not about spotting the most elite, snobby, or trendy cloth. Nowadays, it’s not just about understanding the importance of keeping the child away from toxic chemicals but also thinking about safeguarding their overall health and safety.


Importance of organic clothes for little babies

The little infants around us are quite oversensitive to any kind of chemical used on their body, more than even us. In this article, you will read how to adopt these healthy and safest options for kids.

For all the expecting parents, the major focus is finding an ideal and beautiful outfit for their baby. This outfit should beautifully curl around the baby like a gentle hug. The quality of the clothes that we allow wrapping around their sensitive skin still gets little to no attention by many. The clothes in retail, as well as online stores, can be considered harmful even if the tag reads 100% cotton.

The use of chemicals in clothes increased from the 1950s. With the increasing demand for toys, cosmetics, food, clothes and these chemicals have become part of this industry. For 3 decades, there has been an increase in the practice of chemical clothing, which has led to the rise of non-communicable diseases among babies as well. Diseases like asthma, autism, diabetes, etc. have been linked to the sudden rise in these diseases which are hindering the growth of infants as well.


Vulnerability of babies to the harmful chemicals

Little kids have become vulnerable to these toxic chemicals more than anyone else. This has led to problems in the early stage of human development as well.

  • Due to the difference in body size and the ability to absorb more environments, infants experience superior exposure than adults. This can also be explained by their constant behavior of putting things inside their mouth.
  • Infants are still in their developing stage, which doesn’t allow them to discard or break down the chemicals captivated by their bodies. This makes their body more vulnerable and can end up hindering their critical process of development.

The NAS (US National Academy of Sciences) has reported famously about the impact and exposure of children toward the toxic chemical. It was concluded by NAS in the year 1993 that “children are not little adults”

“Children are not little adults”, US National Academy of Sciences


Babies have highly permeable skin than the adults

The majority of the absorption of any kind of chemical and organic oil goes through our skin only. The rest of the components like air, gas, and air comes under respiratory absorption of our body. Our skin being our largest organ, it absorbs almost everything put on it. Even the protection, regulation of blood through different body parts, and other similar functions; are all managed by our skin only.

The skin of babies is more permeable and slim than the adults. While having three skin layers as adults, the layers are still finer individually. An epidermis layer is left to protect our skin. This epidermis layer is still 3-5 times finer than the adults along with being made of minute cells.

As result, any substance that comes across the skin of the infant is easily absorbed due to less resistant abilities. The difference between the layers in the body of adults and babies is indicative of the deeper absorbent capacities of the baby’s skin.


The right way of choosing skin-appropriate clothes for babies

In recent years, organic food has become much popular among parents. However, there have been other important messages that couldn’t reach them. One such topic is the impact of baby clothes that are chemically treated. Despite having potential health consequences on infants, the word didn’t spread.

Scientists have found that the use of potentially harmful chemicals in child clothing is increasing rapidly and still.

Cotton, polyester (and other synthetic fibers), or a combination of these two are commonly used to make child clothing that is usually found in local stores (retail or online). Traditional non-organic cotton is commonly deemed the “world’s most dirty crop”, why? Because it uses around ‘16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides. Coming to synthetic fibers like Polyester and others are derived from petroleum. During their production, they are treated with multiple potentially harmful chemicals.

Keeping the above facts in mind, choosing organic cotton clothes is the best and safest alternative for your children. Organic cotton with authentic certifications for quality is always better. this is because it is grown sustainably and naturally. It is free of the harmful chemicals usually present in pesticides and herbicides. By choosing organic, you are restraining your baby’s contact with the likely harmful chemicals.


Organic isn’t the easy choice for many parents yet

Organic baby clothing has many benefits but still, many parents are facing difficulty in adopting it. Firstly, the choices available in the market drive first-time parents insane. the abundance of products in the market creates confusion among them. These options barge in research that every caregiver wants to give to their baby. Even after hours of searching, asking, and reading, they come to pick a product they aren’t sure of.

Also, organic material is hard to find in the market especially when one cannot afford costly brands. Only 0.5% is the share of organic cotton in the world cotton production. They justify their decision of not having the best piece for their infant as the baby grows fast and these clothes cannot be of frequent use.  Mothers show their love by making the clothes themselves or using gifts of their relatives where they have control over the quality.


Presenting safe and fashionable clothing options for all

Little Flower Hut aims to solve all the issues discussed above. Our idea is to assist new mothers to make the best cloth choice for their babies. We make that happen by conducting several kinds of research and monitoring the needs of the consumers.

Our unique Baby Wardrobe has been conceptualized to make things easier for new moms. We deliver outfits for the baby right at your doorstep as per the order placed for different age groups. Moms have the freedom to choose from a wide range of sizes and styles that they want for their little ones (currently available styles are Classic and Playful style). Within a few days, they will receive a range of delightful, finest, and organic baby clothing basics, especially curated by our partner brands. Our clothes are made of 100% organic cotton and natural fibers. They are also licensed by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which is the world’s top processing standard to rate organic textiles.

When the baby needs new cloth as it grows, you can easily exchange the clothes for usable credits on the next purchase of the new size. With this offer, you can get newer clothes from a wider variety. We also offer discounts of up to 40% on the present retail value of the cloth you choose. This keeps both moms and the environment happy by promoting sustainable cloth use and recycling.

Choose Little Flower Hut Baby gift Set this time for gifting on the occasions of baby showers or any new parent. Since we make such clothes that keep growing with your baby, it allows the others to buy the newer clothes at any point in time. This way, they would also add value to the sustainable clothing program.

Little Flower Hut allows you to:

  • Make more calculated choices: Organize all your essentials in a single place and make the most out of your time to focus on the important things.
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  • Save your dollars: Spend less on the clothing while earning some credits upon returning them. It’s better than having money resting in your wardrobe.
  • Reduce cloth wastage: Infants grow up faster than you can imagine. Choose the new system of preloved clothes for helping the sustainable clothing program. You will be contributing to saving mother Earth and trust us, it will feel the best!