[NEW] Birthday Flowers: A Guide to Giving Flowers as Gift

Flowers are a great birthday gift to someone who means so much to you. If you want to express your thoughtful greetings, you will never run out of wonderful choices in hand bouquets and arrangements. Little Flower Hut florist has the largest selections of designs for birthday flowers, and there are many ways to have your flower gifts delivered to the celebrant on a special day. Shopping for birthday flowers and giving them to the celebrant, whether it is meant for your wife, husband, parents, siblings, children, or friends, can be less stressful if you are properly guided. Here are some key points in giving birthday flowers:


  • To Parents

Giving birthday flowers to parents is a way to show that you appreciate your parents’ sacrifices, dedication, and love for the family. If you are planning to give flowers to parents on birthdays, the experts say that it is best to look for the types that your mom or dad loves or the type that is meaningful to both of them. In addition, you can also choose bright and colorful flowers to lift their mood and inspire them to be more energetic and joyful. Vibrant flowers will also enhance the dining table at your parent’s birthday celebration. Flowers that most moms like include Roses, Carnations, Tulips, and Lilies while most dads prefer dark-colored flowers.


  • To Family Members

In giving flowers to family members, make sure that you give considerations to the type of flowers that they like most. If you don’t have idea, you may choose pastel colors for your sisters and bold colors for brothers. Live plants and dish gardens are also ideal for male recipients while some women prefer blue flowers and rare flowers. Although pink and hot pink flowers denote romantic messages, you can still choose them when you give flowers to your siblings to let them know that your special sibling bond is there to last.


  • To Spouse

A gift of flower on birthdays, whether for your wife or husband, is a way to surprise you spouse on his or her special day. The florist offers glamorous bouquets of Roses and Tulips for your spouse’s birthday but you can also choose seasonal flowers instead if you want your flower bouquets unique and different this year. There are hundreds of selections when it comes to romantic flowers for birthdays to choose from to give your spouse but it will be better to pick a bouquet that means something to your spouse.


  • To Girlfriend

Red and pink Roses, or a combination of both, are the perfect flowers for your girlfriend if you are planning to surprise her on her birthday. Aside from Roses, the florists also offer a wide variety of romantic flowers like Tulips, Iris, Gerberas, Sunflowers, and Lilies designed for this cheerful and fun occasion. When you give flowers to your girlfriend on her birthday, see to it that you consider the type of flowers that she likes most to make her smile and to make her celebration memorable.


  • To Boyfriend

Flowers are an ideal option for birthday gifts to a boyfriend. They love Roses, too, and the beautiful flowers at the flower shop, especially on birthdays. Unique flower bouquets that are designed for male recipients are available at the flower shop, and they perfect if you want to surprise the man you love on his special day. Aside from flowers, you may also want to consider giving live plants and baskets of gifts, or a hamper filled with treats and surprises. Men, just like women, love the surprises, too.


  • To Friend

A friend’s birthday celebration will surely be full of fun, especially if you are there to add joy and delight to the celebration. You can send or give fabulous birthday flowers to a close friend as a gift on this special day to express your warm greetings. Flowers for friends, however, should be in bright and vibrant colors. These flowers will bring delight to a friend’s heart on her birthday. For male friends, you have a lot of choices, too, at the flower shop when it comes to flower gifts. There are live flowering plants, green plants, and colorful plants to choose from.


  • To Coworkers

A birthday flower bouquet for a coworker is thoughtful. The florist curated large selections of birthday flowers that are designed suitable to send to coworkers, colleagues, and staff. According to the florists, bouquets in sunny yellow colors are ideal for a colleague’s birthday while a colorful bouquet is sure to add festivity to the celebration. The florists also offer baskets of flowers and gifts, gift hampers, and gifts n boxes that you can pair with the birthday bouquet.


  • To Kids

Kids also love it when they receive flower gifts on their birthdays. You can make them smile with a bouquet of colorful blooms accessorized with stuffed toys and balloons. A basket of chocolates is also a nice pick to pair the flowers to give the little celebrant. However, if you plan to give birthday flowers to kids, make sure that they are not allergic to flowers or to pollens in flowers. There are flowers that are best for kids and adults who get irritated with pollens.


  • To Someone Abroad

Giving flowers to someone abroad or in a distant place is possible with online florists. Whether you are sending romantic or non-romantic bouquets to convey your birthday greetings, the online florists are the people to rely on. To your family, friends, or loved one abroad, you don’t have to miss the occasion with international flower delivery options. You can order anything through the online florist and send them to the celebrant’s address. The gift of flowers will let them know that you are thinking of them on their special day.

Giving the gift of flowers on birthdays is a special way to express your most thoughtful greetings to the celebrant, young and adult, male or female. You can find hundreds of glamorous designs for birthday flowers at the flower shop. You can also send them on the same day or on the following day, or at your desired date and time.

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