[UPDATED] Different Flowers for Your Wife’s Birthday

Let your wife celebrate her special day by making her birthday wonderful with the gift of flowers. Whether you want to give her a flower bouquet that is something sweet or romantic, or you want to go cheerful and extravagant this year, giving your wife birthday flowers in a glamorous arrangement will convey your thoughtful greetings. You have a large selection of bouquets to choose from at the flower shop and the florist is there to help you pick the best one.

  • Rose

Romantic, meaningful, and lovely, the flowers of Rose are just perfect for your wife’s birthday flowers. Aside from red Roses, which are common for Valentine’s Day and anniversary flowers, there are plenty of color varieties to choose from. White Roses are wonderful to express pure intention while pink ones show sweetness. Yellow Roses are cheerful and bright, which makes them ideal for a festive birthday celebration.

  • Iris

Blue Iris flowers in an extravagant bouquet is a perfect gift on your wife’s birthday. Symbolic of faith, wisdom, courage, and hope, Iris conveys your praises and admiration to your wife for her love and care for the family. Iris flowers also symbolize the role of a goddess in the Greek mythology, which can be referred to the role of your wife, your goddess. Sweet Irises are also fragrant flowers, and your wife will surely love the heavenly scent.

  • White Lily

White Lily is an ideal flower if you are planning to send your wife on her birthday. The flower conveys happiness, wealth, purity, and positivity. The florist can give you the most beautiful Lily bouquet that will bring joy to your wife on her special day. Lily flowers also range in colors, if you want to give her a bouquet of colorful Lilies. Lilies are also available in different varieties such as Peruvian Lilies, Stargazer Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Oriental Lilies, and Trumpet Lilies, and each one of them makes a perfect birthday flower for your wife.

  • Sunflower

A delightful bouquet of yellow Sunflowers conveys her positive energy and lively personality. On your wife’s birthday, fill up her living room or kitchen with the beautiful bouquets of sunflowers. Symbolic of loyalty, longevity, and happy marriage, the golden color of its petals will bring light and warmth to her birthday celebration. You can have one delivered on the same day through the online florist.

  • Gerbera Daisy

Women love the blooms of Gerbera Daisy not only because of the bold and bright colors but also because of the beauty. If you are looking for birthday flowers for your wife, Gerberas are sure to win her heart. Gerbera Daisy is also symbolic of beauty and resiliency, which makes your gift of flowers more meaningful. Celebrate her special day by honoring her sweet and beautiful character with a lovely bouquet of Gerbera Daisy.

  • Gladiolus

The youthful appeal of Gladiolus flowers will bring her a sense of nostalgia and remember the sweet moments of your courtship and engagement. To get such a fabulous bouquet of Gladiolus on special days like birthday is sure to make her heart glad. In addition, the blooms of Gladiolus symbolize cheerfulness, young love, femininity, and youthful optimism.

  • Orchid

Elegant, exotic, and full of charm, the flowers of Orchids are a perfect choice of flowers for your wife’s birthday. It helps you pay tribute and convey admiration to her refined beauty and grace. They make a stunning floral gift for your wife who loves the mystique beauty. Orchid flowers are also symbolic of love, strength, and sophistication, which are the exact character of your lovely wife. Surprise your wife with a live Phalaenopsis Orchid plant on her birthday. She will never have a hard time keeping up the plant because Orchids are durable and easy to maintain. The flower shop has a large selection of Orchids to offer.

  • Tulip

Tulips come in a wide variety of colors, making them a perfect choice if you are planning to shower your wife with beautiful flower gifts on her birthday. There are red Tulips for your romantic birthday greetings or pink Tulips if you want to show extra sweetness on her special day. White and purple Tulips look elegant and stunning and yellow Tulips are definitely delighting. You can also choose to get her a bouquet of Tulips in mixed colors for a more festive gift of flowers. Ask your florist if you want to have the Tulip bouquet delivered first thing in the morning.

  • Carnation

The fluffy and soft-colored blooms of Carnation flowers are an ideal choice for your wife’s birthday. Although the flowers of Carnation are known as a tribute flower for Mothers, a bouquet of Carnations, especially in pastel colors, will melt your wife’s heart. The blooms are truly beautiful and charming, and they are symbolic, too. Carnation flowers symbolize fascination, admiration, love, and affection. They also come in unusual colors for a flower-like green and striped petals, aside from the dark colors. If you want to convey your deep love and fascination to the woman you love, the flowers of Carnations will never disappoint you.

  • Birth Flower

Each month has a specific designated flower that symbolizes the character traits of the people born on that month. Carnations for January, Violet for February, Daffodil for March, Daisy for April, Lily of the Valley for May, Rose for June, Larkspur for July, Gladiolus for August, Aster for September, Marigold for October, Chrysanthemum for November, and Narcissus for December are the birth flowers. If you are planning to give your wife the gift of flowers on her birthday, you can choose from the type of flower based on the birth month.

On your wife’s birthday, the gift of flowers is the most thoughtful gift you can give because flowers are not only beautiful and appealing, but they are expressive of your messages and greetings, and the symbolic. When you give her birthday flowers, you can choose her favorite flowers or the flowers she likes most. The florist is there to help you pick the best flowers for your wife.