How Much Does a Singapore Florist Earn?

Depending on skills and capability or scope of work, level of creativity, and level of experience, the salary of a Singapore florist varies in fixed rate or in per-hour-rate. There are florists in Singapore who work daily for 8 hours, but there are also florists who are hired for part-time work. Salary may also depend on the job or responsibilities.

In floristry, the trade of flowers is usually handled by the florist whether it is intended for wholesaling or retailing. The trading of flowers requires the duties of a florist. If you have the passion for flowers and you want a career in the florist industry, learn how much a Singapore florist earns from this article.


  • For Entry Level at Fixed Rate

A Singapore florist in entry level expects a salary range of SG$1,300 per month, depending on the scope of work or duties. The tasks of an average florist may include recording of orders and filing order forms whether customers purchase hand bouquets, flower arrangements, hampers, baskets, and gifts. Stocks and inventories are also among the duties of a florist in Singapore. An entry level florist may also do maintenance of blooms, especially those stocks displayed in the store. In terms of attitude and personal behavior, an entry level florist in Singapore should have the enthusiasm to work and the skills to handle flowers. Moreover, designing the bouquets and arrangements can be part of the tasks but it is always the senior florist who is responsible of the designs, especially the signature designs.


  • For Entry Level at Per-Hour Rate

An entry-level Singapore florist on per-hour rate may expect SG$6 to SG$10. The tasks may include water, feed, trim, care for, and manage fresh cut flowers kept in the store. Live plants should also be maintained accordingly, as part of the job.

On the other hand, there are entry-level florists in Singapore who are assigned at the supermarkets. They usually get an expected rate of SG$8 to SG$11 per hour, plus commission, bonus, and double pay salary on official holidays.


  • For Professional Florist at Fixed Rate

A professional Singapore florist has an average fixed salary rate of SG$1,600 to SG$2,500 depending on jobs, tasks, and responsibilities. Tasks of a professional florist may include designing of bouquets and flower arrangements, customization of designs as requested by customers, and signature designs unique at the flower shop. Most of the arrangements are crafted based on formatted designs but there are lots of designs crafted uniquely for special occasions.

Some florists earn more from commissions and bonuses from sale of signature designs, personalized designs, and special orders. Now that the demands for classical designs are being cut into half as demands for original and spontaneous designs increase, there is a possibility that a Singapore professional florist can have a higher take home pay.


  • For Professional Florist at Per-Hour Rate

Professional florists also earn from per-hour rate. In Singapore, a professional florist can work part time with a per-hour rate of SG$20. There are some flower shops in Singapore that offer flower arrangements for special occasions or events or flower bouquets for holidays and occasions. During peak seasons, many owners of flower shops in Singapore hire part time florists to fill up the demands. Special holidays and events include Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Chinese New Year’s Day.


  • For Online Florist

An online florist in Singapore may earn more than the average rate. From SG$1,000 to SG$2,000, per week or two weeks, the florist has a chance to earn this much. This is because an online florist does not have to maintain a physical store where flowers and live plants are displayed. Using the internet and an always-fresh website, selling fresh flowers in bouquets and arrangements can be more convenient and less expensive. The online florist may also opt to do all the necessary tasks like flower arranging and crafting, sourcing of fresh flowers from local farmers and suppliers, flower delivery to customers or recipients, and a secure payment platform for online purchases and orders.

An online florist should maintain the website, which requires investing on a good but affordable marketing technique. With the internet technology and the rise of social media networks, it can be more rewarding to have an online flower shop.

The number of florists in Singapore continues to get higher as the demands for flower bouquets and flower arrangements get bigger. Because of this, the competition in florist industry also expands, thus more florists find a career in the world of flowers. Although formal training is not really a requirement, there are lots of schools offering vocational courses for flower arrangement that will level up the florist’s level of skills and talents. This also means additional income or an increase in rate.

If you are planning to begin a career in the florist industry, it is never too late. Despite the competition and the long list of the best florists in Singapore, you can make a name in the said industry whether you are leaning more on the side of the creative arts or you are better in science and technology. You can be a wedding florist or a florist who focuses on bouquets and arrangements for every occasion. You can also be a funeral florist, providing essential funeral flowers. The diversity of the floristry is sure to bring the Singapore florists into higher profitability.