Watch Out! Common Poisonous Flowers When Ingested

 Do not let its beauty fool you. A flower can be so beautiful when it flaunts its vibrant colours, captivating your attention, but behind this beauty a poison that is enough to kill an adult person. There are numerous flowers around the world that are actually poisonous despite its amazing colours and smell. Just before you start your garden idea, just make sure that the flowers you will plant will now harm you, your kids, or your pets.



There are chefs that have crafted sumptuous pies out of this plant’s stems and in case you want to try the recipe, just avoid including its leaves because these are poisonous. These leaves, when taken, could shut down the kidneys and have proven to be very fatal. And rhubarbs appear akin to a Chinese cabbage which may confuse you whether it is a vegetable or a flower.


Lily Of The Valley

Those little white bells would look so nice on your glass vases at home. But its cuteness can actually cause death when taken. This flower has toxic compounds which are known to cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, rashes, and diarrhoea. These toxic compounds are called cardiac glycosides and this toxin is enough to send a person to a hospital and could become fatal when left untreated. Whenever you put some of these flowers at home, just do not let your pets or kids eat the white little bells of this lily.



Another deceiving flower is Wisteria. These sweet purple-coloured vines are actually poisonous. Although it rarely harms humans, its seed pods are actually dangerous to a number of animals like horses, dogs, and cats. Just be careful not to let your pets eat this plant, especially the herbivores and prevent emergency visits to your vets. These seedpods can cause diarrhoea and vomiting, which could dehydrate a healthy animal in a few spans of time and can cause death to it.


Castor Oil Plant

Though castor oil products are helpful in maintaining your skin and is needed to keep is moisturized, but the plant where these oils are taken could actually kill you rather than cure you. Studies have shown that the seeds of this plant contain substances which are poisonous and one seed can already kill a child. The toxin protein ricin on these seeds could result in vomiting and diarrhea enough to cause death due to dehydration. If you decide to plant some of these on your own garden as part of your home remedy collection, then just always be careful handling it especially its seeds.



Remind your kids not to eat the berries of this flower because it has substances which are used by many pharmaceutical companies in producing heart failure medicines. Eating either its flowers or berries is no different from a patient taking unapproved dose and content of heart failure medicines. The bell-shaped flowers of this plant are so beautiful but are actually poisonous and enough to kill a man.



Having these beautiful and sweet flowers at home could endanger the lives of cats. Though lilies are very popular during Easter, behind this popularity and beauty is a poison that could lead to acute kidney failure or death. Do not let your cats eat the flower because it is deadly.



Dieffenbachias are beautiful indoor flowers and the kind of flower that is easy to grow. It is also known as the elephant ear. Such a cute name for a deadly type of flower, because when this flower is eaten could swell shut your airways causing death. When the flower is brushed against your skin would cause itching and burning.



This flower is a familiar one to many. It is known to be very beautiful, but just before you take some of these and plant it in your own backyard, the bulbs of this sweet flower could kill your dog. When too many of these flowers were ingested, it could cause tremors, convulsions, diarrhoea, and cardiac arrhythmia.



These pink and cute flowers will definitely make your garden look very pretty. But this flower is fatal when eaten and a leaf of it is enough to put a child’s life in danger. It causes drowsiness, shaking, and abnormal heart rates.



The plant that has cyanide which is really toxic and when ingested could have a very fatal effect. Seriously, nobody with a sound mind would take cyanide. Just never let your pets eat this plant.


Water Hemlock

The toxins it contains smells like carrot and could confuse your pets to ingest these plants. The toxin this plant contains attacks the nervous system causing a fatal effect to the poisoned animal or person.


Rhododendron and Azalea

Your photos with these flowers on your background will surely have an amazing result. But when ingested could cause abdominal pain, paralysis, coma, breathing difficulties, or worse death. Prevent your pets and kids from eating its stem, leaf, and flower. Those parts are all harmful to humans and pets.


English Yew

This plant has alkaloids which can cause paralysis, convulsions, or worst a heart failure. The entire plant is really poisonous and its seeds are the most toxic ones. Once you see this in your garden, better make sure not to let the kids and pets play with it to avoid accidental ingestions.



Its name may sound very sweet and harmless but when ingested could cause digestive problems, irregular heartbeats, and in some cases when taken in large dose result to hallucinogenic effects. Despite its popularity during the holiday season, that will not change the fact that it is poisonous.

Just remember that before you buy that seed and plant it in your own backyard, remind yourself to do a little research about it to avoid harmful situations these flowers could bring.

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