11 Ways to Bring Flowers to Singapore Music Festivals

The days of Coachella or nearing but that is not the only music festival you can bring flowers to. In Singapore, we have Zouk Out, Ultra Singapore, Baybeats Festival, and a whole lot more. So if you can’t afford to go to Coachella this year, you can still enjoy a plethora of music festivals in Singapore.

In your OOTD

When thinking about your outfit for the upcoming music festival, consider incorporating flowers into your OOTD. Flowers have always been a part of the fashion industry. Local and international designers always get a hand bouquet from a local florist in Singapore whenever they have a show here. Flowers can be part of your style too and no we’re not talking about wearing floral prints at the music festival. There is so much more you can do!

  1. Flower crowns

Popularized by Vanessa Hudgens and other famous celebrities at Coachella, flower crowns are a hit at music festivals. Feel free to revive the trend of flower crowns by ordering a customized crown from your favorite online florist. Of course, you can DIY this too. Don’t forget to mist spray your crown to make it look fresh or use a product like Crowning Glory.

Big fresh-cut flowers are popularly used as flower crowns although clusters of small flowers are also pretty to look at. Braids or boho waves go so well with this trend too. If you’re giving flower crowns a shot, it is best to steer clear of fake or plastic flowers. You can also use dried flowers to make into a flower crown for the upcoming music festival.

If you hate being so basic, think of ways you can jazz up this trend. Think: LED lights on your flower crown or color your hair pink to go with your crown of pink flowers. The flower crown trend is not yet dead. It’s not boring either. A true fashion icon can recreate this trend in limitless ways.

  1. Hair accessories

If you can’t dare to wear the flower crown or wore it to the music festival last year, you can still incorporate flowers on your hairstyle. Consider making a bold impact with a large flower piece or add several here and there on the back of your bold waves. Flowers on a chignon or braid also look great. You don’t have to keep it in a crown. You can pay your hairstylist to get creative with using the flowers you bought at your favorite flower shop in Singapore for your hairstyle for the music festival.

  1. Jewelry

Take your cue from Anna Sophia Robb and add flowers where you can on your OOTD. She is seen sporting a flower crown at a Coachella event and also added a few flowers on your sunglasses.

Flowers look awesome on cat eyeglasses. Sure, you’ve seen Paris Hilton donning flowers on a cat-eye headband and that should work too. You can also DIY a flower necklace using one large flower or make a dried flower pendant. Flower bracelets are also fun to wear with your clique. We also love the look of flowers on earrings. They give life to a solid-colored dress.

  1. On your shirt or jacket

Whether you’re already wearing a floral print or not, you can still add texture with real flowers. You can add them on your bleached denim jacket too. Find ways to incorporate flowers in your outfit such as adding them as a brooch.

  1. Match them with your shoes and bag

When it comes to accessorizing with flowers, you can go overboard and look like a walking flower arrangement, so do be cautious. Pick no more than two accessories where you want to add the flowers such as a crown and shades, your jacket and shoes, etc. Speaking of shoes, you can add fun to plain flip flops and even white sneakers by adding flowers to the toe or heel area.

At last year’s Coachella, we’ve seen flowers on fanny packs too. Go on and decorate a plain canvas bag with flowers. You can add one in the center or cover the whole front pack. While you’re at it, you may want to incorporate a few dried flowers on a transparent phone case too!

On your skin

Metallic temporary tattoos were once a trend at Coachella. Although you may not want to repeat this anymore, you can now shake up the trend with dried flower tattoos. Fun fact: rose petals are also great for soothing the skin.

  1. Temporary tattoo

Dried flowers make awesome IG-worthy temporary tattoos. They are easy to DIY too. Check out a few popular blogs on the subject. The flowers attach using Vaseline or eyelash glue.

On your food

It’s time to brush up on your cooking skills and prepare cute flower-shaped food or incorporate real petals on your food.

  1. Edible flower snacks

Rose petals are delicious when added in salads. You can even enjoy flower petals on toast. Be wary of using the petals from a bouquet you got at the local flower shop. Only purchase edible flowers for your recipes.

  1. Edible flower ice cubes

Make your iced drinks oh so pretty by preparing edible flower ice cubes beforehand. Organic edible rose petals make your glass of soda, lemonade, or even wine extra appealing.

On your campsite

If you’re going to camp for days as you do at Coachella, you will want to make your area functional yet pretty.

  1. Flower power tent

Go on and decorate your tent with flowers. You can use a floral-print blanket if you desire but if you really want to make your tent look boho-chic, add real flowers to your area. You can add them to the top of a teepee-shaped tent so your temporary home has a flower crown too, so to speak. You can also add a simple bouquet of cheery blooms on your campsite table.

  1. Floral hoops

While hula hoops are technically banned at Coachella now, there are other music festivals where you can still enjoy and continue your tradition of hula-hooping nights. If you love bringing hula hoops to the music festival, why not bring a pretty one? Be sure it’s allowed. Glue flowers on your hula hoop and make your hula-hoop nights a prettier sight to behold.

In your photos

You don’t always have to wear them, but keeping them on hand should always be handy. To add beauty in your photos, whether you would like some petals on the floor or whatever your creativity can come up with, it’s always great to have flowers with you.

  1. Accessory to your IG photo

If you can build a flower wall on your camping area, go ahead. If not, you can plain and simple carry the flowers and flaunt them on your IG feed. The sun, your shades, and flowers in hand make the shot so appealing.