Which Color Flowers for Funeral and Meaning?

When someone in the family dies, a funeral service comes next. Although this is the most emotional and difficult time for anyone, saying goodbye through the funeral service is important. During this time of sorrow and sadness, flowers play an important role. Flowers help create an environment filled with peace and solemnity as well as comfort to the mourning family. However, funerals require not just any ordinary flower designs. It is important to choose the right type of flowers with the right colors. Different colors of flowers offer different meanings and symbolism depending on tradition, religion, and beliefs. For the colors of funeral flowers, check this out:

  • White

The traditional color of flowers for funerals is white. It expresses deep emotions and sentiments for those who grieve over the death of their loved ones. White funeral flowers symbolize innocence and honor for masculine and feminine. It also represents purity and spirituality. It is a classic color that suits different cultures and meets any religious background. The white flower is very meaningful when it comes to funerals. The most common types of white flowers are Peace Lily, rose, Carnations, and Orchids.

  • Yellow

Yellow funeral flowers are also a great option. In the modern generation, there is nothing wrong with bright yellow flowers on the funerals. This is because yellow flowers are symbolic of respect and gratitude, as well as beauty and strength. It can lift up and soothe the pained soul and it can add brightness to a tribute. For people who have a strong bond of friendship with the deceased, this is the appropriate color of flowers to send.

  • Pink

red pink roses casket sprays for mom

An all pink flower arrangement is a perfect choice if the funeral service is intended for a female. Pink symbolizes grace, beauty, and femininity. For the deepest sympathy, sending a funeral wreath in pink flowers convey grace and elegance. You can choose Roses, Carnations, Lilies, and Orchids for the pink flower arrangement you want to send to the funerals. The blushing pink blooms are sure to convey your warmest condolences and sentiments to the family.

  • Red

Red flowers symbolize love and courage. For the funeral flowers, a spouse can send or bring red bouquets or sprays of Roses and Carnations to express deep emotions for the person who passed away. The florist also has red Tulips for a casket spray and funeral basket. If you want to show deep respect for the deceased person, red flowers are a great option.

  • Lilac or Lavender

The colors of lilac and lavender are both symbolic of grace and femininity. Among the popular choices for flowers in lilac and lavender colors are English Lavender, Calla Lilies, Iris, Orchids, Congo, Lavender Lady, and more. These flowers are suitable for funeral flowers. They add a touch of beauty and elegance to a funeral service for a woman.

  • Blue

Flowers in blue color are meant to symbolize peace and tranquility but can also be associated to sadness and mourning. A flower arrangement of blue flowers is a great option for a man. On the other hand, it could be specially chosen because it was the favorite color of the deceased person whether he or she is a girl or a boy. Among the appropriate funeral flowers in blue color are Hydrangeas, Delphinium, Hyacinth, and more.

  • Red and White

Combining red and white colors in a funeral flower arrangement is also acceptable. Together, they make a beautiful expression of sympathy and sentiments during this difficult time of sorrow. Red and white flowers are meant to symbolize honor and respect. It does not only offer a touching and sincere tribute but also a nice addition to coffin adornment. Red roses are perfect to combine with white Roses or Lilies or Carnations.

  • Pink and White

Pink and white on funeral flower arrangement are soft and gentle to the eyes, as well as to the soul. The color combination soothes a painful soul and calms a distressed spirit. The colors also light up the room and make it an environment full of comfort. The most appropriate types of funeral flowers in white and pink colors include Daisies, Roses, and Carnations.

  • Blue and White

Combining blue flowers with white flowers make the design suitable for expressing condolences and sympathy. The floral arrangement is mostly chosen for the funeral flowers for men. There are blue Hydrangeas and Irises that look perfect when combined with Asiatic Lilies, white Carnations, and Roses. This design is a fabulous way of showing comfort to the family.

  • Pink and Lavender

Humility, gratitude, respect, and grace are among the symbolisms of pink and lavender flowers. The combination of flowers in these colors makes a lovely funeral flower for female. When you send an arrangement in pink and lavender colors, you are also conveying a heartfelt embrace to the family on this time of sorrow.

The colors of flowers, as well as the type, play an important role in selecting funeral flowers. It is helpful to know that each color has its meaning and symbolism. They are known to have their own language. However, the florist reminds that being careful in picking the appropriate color when it comes to funeral flowers is vital so that you will never send the wrong condolence message at this sad occasion. For the flower delivery you want to convey and express your sympathy and comfort, always get the recommendation of the florist in Singapore. With the right guide, your flowers are sure to soothe and heal the soul in pain for losing a loved one.

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