Farm Florist Review

Farm Florist is basically a joint venture of a group of very experienced and expert florists who have been separately working in the floral industry for the past 20 years. While working, they noticed some of the malpractices in the floral industry.

They noticed that flowers are ridiculously over-priced and most of the customers could not afford the prices of their favorite floral arrangements and bouquets. They were also continuously being dictated by the employers and never given the free hand to play with flowers and design exotic floral arrangements.

In order to fix those problems and address these practices, these expert florists made a team and as a result, Farm Florist was formed. The main purpose of Farm Florist is to make changes in the way flowers are sold to the customers. With the establishment of Farm Florist now beautiful floral bouquets and arrangements are available to flower-loving people at very affordable prices.


How to Select Flowers?

The selection of your desired product on Farm Florist is a very fuss-free and fun procedure. One of the reasons for this is their good-looking and user-friendly website. Once you open the website you will realize that everything is just a click away.

The products are very well sorted according to the given occasion and also pricing. If you are ordering flowers for mother’s day then just click on that section and you will be directed to the beautiful bouquets specially designed for mother’s day.

For birthdays, Farm Florists not only offer exotic floral arrangements and bouquets but they will also help you in making birthday cakes, arranging balloons and also other related gifts. Similarly, they have a different section on their website for “other occasion”. Just click on it, go to the relevant occasion and find all the amazing products they offer for that specific occasion.


Special Offer

This special offer is designed by Farm Florist for all the clueless customers out there. It is called Surprised Bouquet and it starts from $34 SGD with absolutely no delivery charges. The bouquet is beautiful, presentable as well as puffy.

All the clueless customers who have no idea what to gift to their loved ones can fill up the boxes with relevant details about the recipient like age, gender and also the relevant occasion. Once all this information is provided then the amazing team of Farm Florist will make sure to use their creative skills in order to make the most relevant design. So far this Surprised Bouquet is one of the most popular products of Farm Florist.

All the bouquets and floral arrangements of Farm Florist are made up of different flowers. These flowers are local as well as they are imported from other trusted growers. Some of the most popular floral arrangements and bouquets of Farm Florist are made up of Gerberas, Roses, Carnations and Sunflowers.


Cheap Prices with Amazing Quality

Sometimes sending flowers to your loved ones or colleagues feel more like a chore. Even if you don’t want to do it, you absolutely have to do it. Spending on something you didn’t want to buy can certainly ruin your day. This is where Farm Florist can be of great help.

In order to help the customers, Farm Florist has beautiful bouquets and amazing floral arrangements that are below $45 and the good news is there are no delivery charges for these bouquets.

You can personalize these bouquets with add-ons available with them. These add-ons include chocolates, ice-cream, cookies, teddy bears, cake, balloons and floral bags. You can also ask their representative to write a handwritten note on your behalf.


Delivery Services of Farm Florist

Farm Florist offers one of the fastest and efficient delivery services Singapore-wide. Are you one of those people who forget their anniversary and have to order for gifts on the last minute?

Don’t worry!

Farm Florist not only offers Same Day Delivery option but they also have 1 hour delivery option. Yes, you read it right! With their 1-hour delivery option, you will be able to send flowers and gifts to your loved ones within an hour.

Whether you want to send flowers for an anniversary, birthday or farewell you should be assured to get the best and life-saving floral arrangements and bouquets just in an hour. As Farm Florist is best known for its quality bouquets and fast delivery service, therefore, in case of late deliveries they offer a full refund.

Customers also get concerned about the quality of flowers when ordering online. As stated before the owners of Farm Florist were wary of the malpractices of their employers. This was one of the many reasons for the establishment of Farm Florist.

Farm Florist works with the best team. They also have a quality control and assurance team. The responsibility of this department is to check the quality and freshness of flowers before dispatching them.

Make sure to enter the correct address of the recipient before checking out. In case if you don’t enter the correct address then not only your order will be canceled but also your money will not be refunded.


Reviews of Customers

You can get an idea about the quality and other services of Farm Florist by looking at the shopping experiences of other customers. The feedback of customers is displayed on their website. By going through the feedback you will come to know how honest they are with their job and how much quality matter to them.



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