How to Ask a Girl Out with a Flower Delivery?

It used to be that a flower bouquet was always expected even before the first date. Our forefathers wooed our grandmothers this way. From wildflowers taken from the field to grand floral arrangements, flowers always swept a woman off her feet.

In contemporary times, men wonder if a flower arrangement is still the way to go or will the girl think of you as a stalker, or worse feel harassed by your flower delivery? In this article, we will talk about when you should give flowers to a girl and how to do it right.

Sending a flower delivery as a secret admirer

There are women who are thrilled to know someone likes them, even if they stay anonymous for the first flower delivery. This is a great option if you are colleagues, associates, or classmates so you can see their reaction and tell if she is the type who enjoys flower deliveries in secret.

You can also leave a small flower arrangement on her desk during lunchtime. If you see the girl at a local café that you frequent, then you can have the flowers delivered by the barista with her coffee. Keep in mind that eventually, you will want to let her know who it is from. You can gain courage from seeing her reaction when you have the flowers given to her.

How to know what flower she wants without asking?

Flowers have different symbolisms and it is wise to brush up on symbolisms when choosing a flower for the girl you like. Purple flowers often represent mystery which is nice to give for a girl who strikes you as mysterious. Pink flowers show admiration. Yellow is often for friendship. White is for purity. You can choose to give a girl flowers based on her traits. Roses are for romantics, daisies are for the loyal ones, carnations are pretty and practical, tulips are for those with a shining personality, lilies are for those with kind personalities, and orchids are for the elegant woman.

Take into consideration if she has allergies too. Tulips, daffodils, and hydrangeas are wise choices for this type of recipient. You can also note to the florist that the girl may have allergies, so she can choose flowers with no pollens showing.

Avoid this when sending an anonymous flower delivery

Do not send the flower delivery to her residence. That will definitely sound intrusive and you will appear as a stalker. Also, don’t leave her completely clueless as to who it is from. You may want to give her a hint. That way, it’s less likely that she will throw the flowers.

The anonymous flower delivery can be your way to lead her to you. The card may include details of your first meet-up in a public place. When you meet in public, it will get the nerves away from her. Don’t choose a private place or an intimate date right away. Just keep it casual.

Order flower delivery to ask her out

If you are already friends with her, then you can ask her what kind of flowers she likes and contact your local florist to have those flowers delivered to her. Be thoughtful when ordering flower delivery and add a vase so she won’t have trouble looking for a container to keep the flowers fresh. Write a sweet message on the card so she will know it is for you and let her know you want to go out on a date with her.


A girl loves a man who is not afraid to profess his love for her. Show up with a bouquet of flowers and ask her out from there. The surprise does not have to be so grand. You can simply drop by her office with a bouquet of flowers and ask her out to dinner.

When to give a girl flowers?

  • Ask her out- The first time you ask a girl out, you can give her a small bouquet of flowers in happy colors. Opt for a mixed bouquet of white, pink, yellow, and purple flowers. Lilies, carnations, daisies, and even roses are good choices.
  • First date- Flowers on the first date are well-accepted by hopeless romantics. Opt for a single red flower or go for a colorful bunch of daisies. White flowers are symbolic for pure intentions so go ahead and give her white lilies.
  • Third date- If you are skeptical about giving flowers on the first or even on the second date, the third date is a great time to show you’re a real gentleman without sounding too good to be true.
  • Just because- You can absolutely give flowers to a girl for no reason at all. Your just because flowers should be given at random times throughout the year, limited to four times a year. Timing is of the essence when giving flowers just because. The flowers will simply serve as a reminder that you are thinking of her and you will keep wooing her even after you are officially a couple.
  • Valentine’s Day- Aside from the fact that roses are cheap around this time if you order early enough, almost every girl accepts flowers on Valentine’s Day. If you feel like asking out a girl pre-Valentine’s, don’t be afraid to do it with flowers.
  • Celebrate good times- Celebrate birthdays, promotions, and graduations with flowers. It doesn’t always have to be a grand floral arrangement. But, you can opt to add balloons and chocolates as apt for the occasion.