A Guide to Sustainable Flowers

Not everyone who sends the gift of flowers would think about how flowers are sustained. People are more concerned about the appearance of the flowers and how they look when arranged in a bouquet or flower arrangement. The sustainability of flowers does not cross the minds of many buyers. However, there are reasons good enough to think about sustainable flowers and how to keep them eco-friendly. Here are some of the things worth knowing and some guides to help you understand the sustainability of flowers:

  • What are Sustainable Flowers

Sustainable flowers are those flowers grown or cultivated using natural and organic procedures. Instead of using chemicals to treat the flowers, natural fertilizers and insecticides, including herbicides, are used. Flowers grown using organic materials and fertilizers are certified with organic seal. If you are planning to buy flowers for delivery to your loved ones, check the seal and make sure that you get eco-friendly and sustainable flowers.

Soil without these harmful chemicals becomes healthier. It can even help conserve water. Flowers that are produced on this soil are of better quality. Moreover, growing flowers in a sustainable way does not only benefit the plant, the soil, and the environment, but everyone as well.


  • The Place Where Flowers are Grown Is Important

It really matters to know where flowers are grown. Most flowers are imported from international suppliers, and that means the flowers are grown with the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In the US, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are banned from being use.

The florist industry has been advancing, and so does the competition. Because of competition, international flower farmers make it a point that their flowers are more durable, more vivid in colors, and nicer, which was why they opt to use chemicals on flowers. Before you place your orders for the flower delivery you want on someone’s birthday, you may want to know where the flowers came from.


  • The Way How Flowers are Grown Matters

It is also important to know how flowers are grown in a sustainable floristry. The flowers from international suppliers grow and cultivate these flowers in hot houses, and that means the use of more energy in order to provide the right temperature, light, and heat that the plant needs. The more energy that is consumed in growing these flowers, the more it affects the environment. Before you place your orders for a flower delivery to your country, check how flowers are grown by the suppliers.


  • The Way Farm Workers are Treated Should Be Considered

In some places where flowers are cultivated and commercially grown, most of the workers do not have the proper room to stay. The houses are not comfortable and safe to live. Even the use of chemicals on flowers and plants harm them.

It is a factor for sustainable flowers that workers are properly treated and accordingly compensated. It does not really cross your mind a bit how farm workers are treated at the farm, but giving it a though and knowing how things work for them makes flower shopping and flower delivery more worthwhile. If the company does not provide fair compensation or good working conditions to all their workers, buying flowers from them is not for sustainability.


  • The Way Flowers are Transported Is a Factor

Another factor for sustainability of flowers is how they are transported from the farm all the way to the flower shops. The flowers from international suppliers may require transportation by plane, by ship, and by trucks. In addition, it may also need another transportation mode to deliver the flowers from the flower shop to the address of the recipient. All these transportation requirements leave huge amount of carbon footprint that are harmful to the environment. Before you place your orders for flower bouquets or flower arrangements, know how flowers are transported in order to arrive at your door.

Whenever flowers are shipped and transported overseas on Valentine’s Day, can you imagine how much carbon footprint that leaves the earth?


  • Reasons for Choosing Sustainable Flowers

Choosing sustainable flowers is buying local flowers. The local florists offer what is in season. By selling flowers that are in season, it actually reduces the amount of wasted flowers. Based on records, almost 33% of the cut flowers are thrown every day.

Another reason why it is best to look for sustainable flowers is that these flowers do not carry huge amount of carbon footprint. Being locally grown and produced, these flowers do not need to be transported.

In choosing sustainable flowers, you also choose flowers that are grown without the use of chemicals. Most of the local farmers and flower suppliers use an organic and natural way of growing and producing flowers.

Sustainable flowers that are produced by the local farmers provide economy to the local community. This is another reason why choosing sustainable flowers over imported ones is more beneficial. It provides support to the small local businesses and to the rural livelihood. It also makes the community prosper with a thriving and successful economy.

Sustainable flowers help protect the environment. If you are looking for ways to start choosing sustainable flowers, do not hesitate to ask your florist about where they source the flowers from and how their flowers are grown. It is your right to know the details, and by asking your florist, it will open their mind that customers like you are after sustainable flowers, which will also prompt them to make big changes for the better.

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