I’m not Happy with My Flowers Bought Online, What Are My Rights?

Whether you are trying to greet someone on her birthday or you want to cheer up someone who is hurting with a beautiful flower bouquet, there is nothing that can be more disappointing than knowing that the flowers you sent are just a piece of trash. Wilted flowers and dead blooms in a bouquet will never cheer up anyone. They arrive in poor state, low quality, and dried condition. You and the recipient of this flower bouquet are not happy with this kind of flowers. Do you have the right to complain and ask for refund? According to the florist in Singapore, you are protected by the Consumer Rights Act:

  • If Flowers Arrived in Poor Condition

If flowers sent to you by the sender happened to arrive in poor quality and condition, you have the right to ask for a replacement provided that a photo is taken during the delivery and emailed to the florists. A flower in poor condition may mean broken stems, dried flowers and leaves, wilting flowers, and petals and leaves in brown or yellowish color. These are the signs that the flowers are no longer fresh. It is a good thing that most of the florists and customers agree on the terms and conditions supported by a contract that allows you to demand replacement or refund.

  • If Flowers Arrive Late

If flowers arrive late, let the florist know. You can demand a full refund if the order is placed on specific date and time of delivery. Otherwise, the florist has up to 30 days to deliver the goods you ordered. However, even if it is agreed and you came in contract with the florist or retailer that the flowers should arrive at a specific date and time, there are certain acceptable reasons that caused the delay. The florists may argue against the demand if the reason is valid. On the other hand, if the maximum days had passed and no flower delivery has arrived, you can ask for a full refund on the flowers and delivery charges you paid for.

  • If Flowers Arrive but It’s Not the One You Ordered

If flower delivery arrives on time but does not match the description and design shown on the catalogue at the website, you, as the customer, have the right to reject and refuse acceptance of the delivery. You can ask for a full refund from the florist or retailer for sending the wrong flowers or design of the bouquet. However, being the customer, you should have strong proof or evidence that what is delivered is different from what you ordered. This is why, before letting the courier or delivery man leave, take a picture of the flower bouquet. The florist may argue the demand for a refund if there is no proof. This is also applicable if the flowers arrive not in the color or type of flower you choose. The florist should explain why the flowers are not in the same color and flower type as you ordered. If you think the reason is valid, it is on your discretion to accept or refuse based on the agreed terms and conditions you accepted.

  • If Flwers Arrive but Missing a Few Stems

If you ordered a specific number of flowers but the courier delivered a bouquet with a few stems lacking, you have the right to claim a partial refund on the flower delivery you paid for. If you order 2 dozens red Roses for your wife on Valentine’s Day and the bouquet arrived in only one dozen, you should ask the florist to refund the amount for the cost of one dozen red Roses lacking in the bouquet. Some florists award vouchers or discounts and gift certificates in addition to the refund of payment. This is to compensate for the mistake in delivery. On the other hand, the voucher does not affect your rights as a costumer.

  • If Flowers Never Arrived At All

If flowers never arrived at the expected date and after the grace period, you have the right to ask for a full refund on the bouquet that you paid for, including the delivery fees. Let the florist know that the flower delivery is past due to its delivery period and that you want a full refund. On the other hand, before you do so, make sure that you provided the florist with the correct details of the delivery address and your contact numbers. The florist may argue on wrong information as the reason for the delay of delivery or for non-delivery at all. This is the reason why it is important to give the complete details of the recipient’s address and contact numbers and the sender’s address and contact numbers so that the florist can make multiple attempts for delivery, in case a problem arises.

Based on the Consumer Rights Act, or the Lemon Law in Singapore, the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, flower bouquets that are ordered but arrive in such quality or condition that you are not happy with, you, being the customer, have the right for refunds and replacement. You are protected by law, as much as the retailer is protected by it as well. It is best to know your rights, especially when you are doing purchases from online shops, including online flower shops. In addition, it is also best to inform the recipient of the flower delivery and what to do if the flowers came and she is not happy with the appearance of the bouquet or if the bouquet arrived but not in the flower arrangement and color you told her.