Inside the Politics of Flowers and Real Florists

Flowers have a powerful representation of politics in the world. And also a unique ability that one would never think about in the world of politics. It is very important to understand the symbolism of flowers. Each flower has a subtle representation that speaks the truth about emotion. Elections have to pay close attention to what flowers to display to make the best emotion. If you would like to understand the politics behind flowers and real florists, this article will teach you the hidden meanings.


What Flowers are Used For


Flowers are used to decorating the space. Flowers are used as an accessory. Flowers are used as a celebration. Flowers are used to showing a range of feelings of emotion. Flowers add in a burst of color. Flowers are often used to improve one’s mental health. Seeing flowers helps calm us, especially in stressful situations. In politics, flowers are used for the reason to not only decorate the area but to also reflect the mood in which is being addressed.


Flowers Dark Tones


Flowers have a dark representation to reflect a peaceful protest. Flowers have been used as offerings for soldiers or even in the Women’s March in 2017 that say, “I will not fight.” Some historians have made the mistake with the wrong bouquet of flowers to use at specific events.


Political Meanings Behind Flowers


Flowers look beautiful, don’t they? For something that does not have the ability to speak, they say so much in subtle ways. They are also very deceiving. In the political eye, flowers are not so innocent. If you take a look at the representation of flowers through the perspective of Hollywood movies there has never been a positive outcome for characters who were lured into their beauty.


  • Withered Roses: A withered rose is not a good sign. If a withered rose is delivered to the ballot boxes it is a huge slap in the face.



  • Rose: Cultural signifiance


  • Tall Foxgloves: Insincerity


  • Blue Hyacinths: Means Good Omen as they represent constancy.


  • Lavender: Bad representation. Just the sight of lavender immediately means mistrust. Since lavender was mainly used to mask bad smells, lavender also represents peace to interactions with loved ones.


  • Rosette: Shows colors of a political party that candidates represent


  • Yellow Carnation: Disdain


  • Snapdragons: Deception



  • Chamomile: Energy in adversity



  • Daffodil: New beginnings


  • Basil: In Victorian language, Basil signifies ‘Hate’


Why are Roses Used the Most in Politics?


If you don’t know, the rose is used the most out of any flower in all political movements. Do you remember when Barack Obama spoke in 2012 about immigration? A garden of roses was planted around the area. Roses represent all things to all people. Roses signify love, suffering, and purity. Roses also have an important symbol to symbolize peace awaiting in the world. Politics does not bring the easiest news every day. Having roses is a way to make people feel calm.


When Did the History of Flowers Start?


The tradition of giving flowers and learning their meanings has been going on since the middle ages, mainly among the English and French. After the tradition was witnessed in Turkey, Europe started the tradition. Not only was learning the meaning behind flowers a tradition passed along in Europe, but the practice was also reportedly followed by the Victorians thus passing along a political view of flowers.


The Duty of a Florist


Elections are important days. Nobody knows what will happen. Flowers are a way to help express feelings and emotions. Florists suggest which flowers should be displayed for any given circumstance. It is very important to listen to their opinions. Becoming a florist not only means that you have the knowledge of the proper way to take care of flowers but also understand the political representation of each flower.


What Does Being a Real Florist Mean?


Florists will pay close attention to why you want these flowers and will make suggestions. Buying flowers from a real florist means that they arrange flowers and create arrangements. I order to be a real florist, one must supply all the needed flowers that meet customers’ needs. That goes for all customers. Florists need to work in politics to recommend arrangments.

One way to tell that you are being scammed by a fake florist is if they don’t list their hours on their own page. Fake florists also send their flowers in terrible package thus rendering horrible results to your orders.


How Florists Construct Political Bouquets

Florists such as Taryn Simon has studied pictures of history with great leaders, presidents, or signings of the important treaty’s all with what flowers have been placed in the background in each photo. Simon created an exhibit as an in-depth study on floral arrangments that accompanied major political meanings through history. Simon defined the historic message of each flower that was shown in the background. A display of flowers was in each picture.

Photography is a powerful way to display a powerful understanding of a moment. Simon interpreted these photos of figures from history just by the arrangement of flowers to sense compelling emotion to revision the moment into something completely different. Political history has been told through the eyes of flowers. There are flowers that symbolize war.


How Flowers Have Changed in Politics Over the Years


In actuality, the florist’s profession has dramatically declined over the years. Due to some florists not taking their job seriously, customers feel mistrusted over trying to buy flowers. Because Corporate America has jumped at the increase of using flowers for political representation, they have distorted an exclusive profession, overshadowing the duties of real florists. Corporate America is only taking advantage of these florists for a better boost in their political movements ignoring that 85% of the flowers in which are sold in the U.S are growing in the poorest countries of South America, Mexico, and Africa.