The Jewel at Changi – Singapore’s Airport Attraction

Everyone has heard about Singapore’s amazing and beautiful airport. It’s known for being the most beautiful airport in the world and that’s the big title because there are so many airports in one country and earning the titles “Most beautiful airport in the world” has to have an extraordinary airport and that is what Changi airport is.


It is shaped like a doughnut with an exterior that is framed in glass and steel. The airport is 135,700 square-meter big and that means it is 1.46 million square feet, the space of the airport alone is already breathtaking right? It is designed in a complex way to connect the 3 of Changi Airport’s 4 terminals.


Accordingly, by our florist expert, the airport was designed by Moshe Safdie who is a world-famous architect who made the airport with 10 stories, 5 located underground and another 5 stories that are above the ground. The cost of building the Jewel Changi Airport was around US $1.25 billion and when converted to Singaporean dollars, it’s around $1.7 billion.


What’s one of the biggest attractions in Changi Airport?

It is the world’s largest indoor waterfall. Its size is 40 meter-tall and that’s around 130 feet. Using the HSBC Rain Vortex that drops through a humongous oculus in the middle of the Changi Airport Jewel. What surrounds the large waterfall is the naturalistic view of plants, it is like being in a futuristic jungle while being in a huge glass dome. Found in the outer zones of the indoor waterfalls are dining zones, benches, retailing shops and many more and even when you’re far from the waterfall, you can really hear the thundering crashing sound of water which sounds so calming.


What’s best is that they are actually not using much water for the waterfall and use saves water consumption by collecting rainfall. The water from rainfall is collected and added in the Vortex waterfall so that makes it easier for them to increase water volume while not spending any penny for water! Aside from that, they can actually control the water in the falls and use the extra rainwater collected for the Forest Valley. This airport is environmentally friendly at the same time and that’s brilliant.


Different kinds of plants and flowers are found inside the airport and it adds to the dramatic scene of being in a jungle or a forest. The colors of the flowers add colors and look amazing as nature’s decorations. To describe the Changi Airport, it basically looks like a jungle in the inside where you suddenly find a waterfall in the center of it while being in a futuristic era.


There are too many amenities you can avail of and use!


Take some time to walk around the Jewel’s Shiseido Forest Valley because it is a 4 story garden, give yourself time to stretch out those legs walking down their trails looking at the 235,000 square feet landscape that’s just mesmerizing and that is surrounded by the Vortex waterfall. When you’re tired and resting, you can use their free Wifi with top speed and watch a movie or catch up with the current events, take time to post your videos and photos in your social media. Take this opportunity to share your travels to your friends, blogs or website. And if you need to get some work done online, you can rely on the airport’s top speed internet connection.


When you have a long layover, don’t worry, grab some snacks and head over to their 11-cinema IMAX theater, entertain yourself with the latest movies. Aside from that, they offer a service of allowing you to borrow power banks for you to charge the phone while exploring their airport and what’s awesome is that you can actually borrower their power banks for free for 12 hours! Go ahead and use those 12 hours to stroll around their mall and check out the retail stores because it will probably take you more than 12 hours to check all of the stores out. There are just too many stores and there are so many items to choose from.


If you think about it, the Changi Airport alone is already a vacation! The place has a big garden for you to walk around, a cinema to watch a movie, a wide selection of restaurants offering different kinds of cuisines, a lot of retail stores to check out and many more amenities, there are just so many things to do in the airport and if you’re on a layover that’s 24 hours, it will most probably feel like you have been waiting for an hour only. When you’re having fun, time flies and that’s what Changi Airport wants its tourists and travelers to experience!

What about the locals?

Singapore has thought of its locals too because the airport is not only for the tourists to enjoy but for the locals as well. Since the airport is very accessible, it’s easy for locals to drive by, dine there, watch a movie or shop around. The Jewel of Changi Airport is for everyone to enjoy, the airport was not made for tourism alone but for the leisure and entertainment of the Singaporeans too. They can walk around the Forest Valley, listen to the crashing sound of the waterfall.


In Changi Airport, people can stop, sit down and smell the roses and the fragrance of the flowers. Take some time off to unwind and enjoy.

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