June Florist Review

If you are thinking to organize an event themed around flowers what are the few things that you would expect from your florist? For us, it will be glamour, elegance and also experience. These three qualities are a must if you want to have a flower-themed event and want to impress all the guests in the party.

While choosing a florist for the event you will have specific criteria in your mind, right? The florist should be an expert and also experienced in the chosen field. June Florist is all you need if you want a trustworthy, experienced and friendly florist to organize the event.

It is one of the creators with a very strong base in the Singapore floral business. June florist has organized a wide range of events and parties. These events not only include small and intimate ones but also large and lavish local television production and other award ceremonies. June florist has very extensive experience in event planning for weddings, birthdays, romantic affairs and other business events.

They have hired one of the best and expert team of Singapore who is experts in all fields from décor, table arrangement to photography of the event. The team has a very keen eye for creative floral designs and details and they like to stay updated with all the latest and exotic trends in the floral industry. They like to work closely with their clients just to make sure that everything is done according to the taste and liking of their clients.

Apart from organizing events June florist also organizes floral arrangement workshops where participants learn to create special floral bouquets and arrangements for their loved ones. Most of the time these workshops are free but they also charge a minimal fee at times. These workshops are conducted by their very experienced and expert team who know how to deliver knowledge to learners in an effective way. Therefore, the workshops conducted by June florist are overbooked most of the time.


How to Select Products?

The unique thing about June florist which you will not find in any of the other florists is that they constantly update their website with all the seasonal products. Once the celebration is over these products are archived and you will not see them in the available products.

They only make products including bouquets and floral arrangements when there is any specific occasion. There will not be any bouquet sample without any specific occasion. When there is any large-scale occasion like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas then there will be a page that will feature all the products specifically designed for that occasion. Apart from floral bouquets, you will also find hampers and other floral bouquets available on their home page.

For updates about any new products and also sales it is required to subscribe to their newsletter. In this way, you will not miss any of their seasonal blooms and new products.


How to Make the Payment?

The good thing is June Florist accepts almost all the major credit cards including bank transfer, PayPal and cash on delivery. In case you have a discount code then you can enter it in the designated box and avail the discount before check out.

Once you make the payment online then make sure to take a screenshot of the confirmation message. You can email or WhatsApp this message to their customer service representative. Remember, your order will only be processed once you send this payment confirmation proof to them.

After confirming the order you will receive an email confirming that your order is in progress and you will receive it within the designated time period.


Delivery Services of June Florist

Just like other floral shops in Singapore, June Florist also offers same day flower delivery as well as next day floral delivery. If you want to deliver your flowers the same day you order them then make sure to place the order well before 4pm. Keep in mind that any order that is placed after 4pm will be delivered the next day instead of the same day.

If you are living near the physical store of June florist then it is best to collect the order yourself and skip the delivery charges. But if you are living far away then you should be ensured that June florist offers the best and most efficient delivery services. The quality of the flowers is guaranteed.

They have a whole team of quality controllers who make sure to check the quality of every order before dispatching them. This is done to make sure that they develop a long-term and trustworthy relationship with their clients.

In case you don’t like the flowers after receiving them then you can call the customer care services within an hour of receiving and let them know about your concern. They will make sure to help you in the best way possible and there are high chances that your order will be exchanged with an alternative one.

If you are getting married in the coming months, want to organize a birthday or a graduation party the make sure to hire June Florist. Tell them what you want and what is in your mind. The team of June Florist will make sure to organize the overall event in the best way possible and it will be remembered by the guests for a long time.

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