What Happens to the Wedding Flowers after the Wedding?

Flowers are such an indispensable part of any event or ceremony that can become a sentimental memory for you related to that time. Floral decorations increase the charm of any event manifolds and weddings are no exception. Be it any type of wedding, flowers are a part of every ceremony that takes place and they aren’t a cheap investment at all. If you also feel like not letting go of those flowers, like the ornate mini flower table settings or the bridal bouquet, then are ways that you can keep them with you for longer.

This article is going to be about all those things that can be done with flowers to reuse them once the wedding or any other ceremony is over.


7 ways of saving the post-wedding flowers

Once you decide to save your wedding flowers, act upon it immediately. Whatever way you go with for keeping the flowers, the natural state of the flowers must be intact at that time as much as possible. The more you delay, the more wilting of the flowers would because that will make their preservation harder. Here are the 7 things you can do with the wedding flowers.


  1. Donate them

This can be a great option to go with that will bring you the utmost satisfaction as the receivers will give you a lot of blessings and warm wishes. You can take them to the shelter homes, hospitals, or other such places where they will be used for decoration and make the people living their feel more homely. You can also look for specific charities that take flowers in a donation and pass them on for other events with low budgets.


  1. Take them home

If the floral decorations on your wedding had some living flowers too like orchids, wild roses, or succulents, etc., then you can choose to take them back to your home for planting them in the garden. This way, you can have the memories planted in your gardening space forever, and taking care of them every day will give you emotional bliss. You can also keep them as centerpieces in the living area.


  1. Gift them to the guests

All those guests who made your wedding or any event special by their presence, gifting them the wedding flowers can be an extended way of thanking. This idea can work really well if you do a little pre-planning regarding the post-wedding usage of the flowers and have them arranged in specific settings accordingly.


  1. Recreate the bouquets

This is another very creative way to reuse the flowers once the wedding is over. If you were in love with your wedding bouquet, then there is a way you can recreate it. A lot of flowers like roses, strawflowers, static, etc, dry out nicely and you can arrange the dried flowers in the same settings as your original wedding bouquet.


  1. Get crafty

If you have those crafty instincts, then these post-wedding flowers are a great idea to work with. Let us give you some creative ideas that you can try with these flowers:

Epoxy resin décor: You can make beautiful objects like paperweights, key chains, decorative items, etc. with the miniature flowers. Keep them in a mold filled with epoxy resin and let it dry. Voila! Your showpiece is ready.

Jewelry making: The flower petals can be encased in the small bead that can be then woven into a necklace, earrings, bracelets, or so many other body jewelry items. Flower tiaras are also a great idea to go with that you can gift to the little bridesmaids or other women that were there at your wedding.

Flower embedded candles: You can get scented candles made with the petals of the post-wedding flowers cast in them. These can later make up to be great gifting pieces or decorative items for your home too.

Flower frame: This is a very easy DIY that you can try. Press the flowers in a heavy book for some time until they dry out and flatten completely. Take them out and get them framed in any setting that you like. This flower frame will be a great piece of art with your memories intact.

Flower hangings: This is a great creative way to preserve the flowers as well as make them ornamentation. Tie strings to the lower end of the flowers or bouquets and hang them upside down in open air. Once they dry out completely, they will look like exquisite and antique wall hangings.


  1. Preserve the flowers

If your attachment with your wedding flowers is too much and you don’t want any changes to their natural state, then you can opt to preserve them by drying them. You can choose two ways to do so-

Silica gel: Put a layer of silica gel at the base of an airtight container and then place the flowers over it. Put another layer of gel over the flowers without disturbing their shape. Seal the box now and leave it for around a week till the flowers will dry out. Take them out and fix them with any fixative spray.

Wax: They don’t preserve but increase the shelf life of flowers. Melt some paraffin wax into a fluid. When the wax liquid is a little warm, dip the flowers gently into it and pull out immediately. Hang them inverted and let dry.


  1. Get professional preservers

This can be a great option for those who can afford to pay for keeping their wedding flowers with them forever. You can speak with some companies who give services for flower preservations and they will give you relevant options to choose from. Getting the flowers painted is one great option to go with where the artists can make a custom painting of the bouquets and the memories will get encase forever.

You can do any of the above-listed things with the flowers to keep the memories attached to them close your heart. Now if you don’t have the patience to do all this stuff, why not try out the forever or artificial bouquets that can be just the easy bet. The floral jewelry pieces are also stunning objects to try at weddings and they can be kept without any hassle.

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