What to Know When Buying Funeral and Sympathy Flowers?

Are you trying to give funeral and sympathy flowers to share condolences with your friend’s family for someone who has recently passed away? Whether you are a guest or a family member, it can be a difficult task when it comes to buying funeral flowers. If you don’t have any experience purchasing funeral flowers, you are sure to get spoilt for choices as flowers are available in different types and arrangements.


What are the things that one might consider when it comes to buying flowers for a funeral?


When it comes to buying funeral flowers, the general rule is the size of the flower arrangement, showing how intimate you were to the person who died. Usually, the closer you are to the family, the more significant is the size of the arrangement that you would purchase.


Generally, the family member of the deceased, buy a spray or casket wreath or even larger bouquet to show condolences. On the other hand, if you are not a family member, then it is prudent to share smaller bouquets or vase arrangement of flowers. Irrespective of the relationship you have, it is significant to show your condolences.


While buying funeral and sympathy flowers, you must check out some of the common flowers that include chrysanthemums, orchids, peace lilies, carnations, and orchids. It is also essential to respect the family’s choices if they have asked for no flowers. Some families do not want flowers, and they even clearly mention it; hence it is crucial to respect their views. In some religions, it is not appropriate to send flowers, and therefore if you are not sure whether to send flowers or not, it is better to check with the family.


Before sending funeral flowers, it is imperative to check the notes section of the arrangement. Hence, decide on the flowers after checking with the family.


Buying guide-Funeral Flowers

Are you sending flowers to a family after someone has passed away in that family? Before sending flowers, you must consider these four points.


The following points are

  • How intimate were you to the deceased?
  • The type and the arrangement of flowers that you would like to send
  • The size of the flower arrangement that you would like to send
  • The kind of arrangement you would wish to send


As mentioned, the thumb rule is, the more intimate you are to the deceased and his/her family, the more significant arrangement you would like to send. The funeral flowers can be costly; however, you should consider the size when it comes to buying funeral flowers for your loved ones.


What are the different types of flower arrangement that is usually given on a funeral?


The following are the different types of flowers for a funeral:

  • Standing Spray

These flowers start from small to big, and they are one of the best funeral flower arrangements that remain attached to a stand. Usually, they are placed beside the casket, and they are more significant than baskets and wreaths. Sprays are handy, and they work the best when it comes to remembering your loved ones and making use of the flowers during the funeral.

  • Casket Wreath

These are flowers which are placed on the casket directly once it is closed. The casket wreaths are mostly purchased by the family members or even the partner and might not be a suitable buy for other people. As they have an enormous size, they can easily be viewed from the top.

  • Hearts, Crosses, and Wreaths

Unlike bouquets or basket, these arrangements are more significant. However, they are smaller when compared with standing sprays. They are placed on a stand or an easel, and they are usually placed near the casket during the time of the funeral. Although immediate family members typically buy a container; however, crosses and wreaths can be bought by a friend or even a close family member. Once these are bought, they are sent to the home of the deceased’s funeral home directly.

  • Bouquets and Baskets

Friends, family, or even co-workers can send baskets and bouquets. They are usually sent to the deceased house. They are usually not sent to the funeral home unless instructed by the family members.


How does your relationship with the person who has passed away decide the type of flower arrangement?

When it comes to buying funeral flowers, your relationship with the deceased matters the most. The floral arrangement and the type of flowers depend on the relationship you have with the deceased. The following are the flowers which are usually bought for a funeral. This article gives us an overview of the flowers for a funeral that they express and mean.


  • Lilies: Lilies are one of the best flowers for funeral arrangements. Best known for their variety and fragrance, they make the best choice. White lilies are trendy flowers and often considered as the best for funerals. Lilies are symbols of peace, innocence, and sympathy.
  • Peace Lilies: Peace lilies are symbols of innocence, hope, and peace. Unlike lilies, they are more vigorous flowers that last for a longer time. Besides being an excellent choice for the funeral, peace lilies make an excellent indoor plant, and they can instantly look at your indoor.
  • Chrysanthemums: Best known as mums, chrysanthemums represent sadness and loyalty. They are also representative of grief in many Asian countries. Before sending this flower, it is essential to understand the color and white flowers are the best choices for funerals.
  • Roses: When it comes to giving roses for the funeral, some of the best choices include white, crimson red, and yellow. Yellow stands for friendship and often given to the family members of the deceased.
  • Orchids:  White orchids are symbols of purity and innocence. White orchids symbolize friendship, and pink is symbols of grace, and purple represents dignity.
  • Carnations: Carnations are also one of the most suitable flowers when it comes to funerals.


Finally, consider the points mentioned above while buying funeral flowers. Alternatively, get in touch with flower vendors/ florist to develop your knowledge about funeral flowers today!

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