Wildflower Florist Review


Telephone: 8722 4212

Website: https://www.wildflower-florist.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wildflowerfloristsg

Operating hours: online 24 hours daily

Are you bored of the traditional floral arrangements and bouquets offered by the majority of the florist? Do you want some innovation in the floral designs in your upcoming event? Then Wildflower florist is the perfect floral shop for you.

Just by looking at all the bouquets and floral arrangements of Wildflower Florist you will realize that there is something different about them. The florists of this particular floral shop always think out of the box, therefore, they always come up with innovative ideas while designing their bouquets and floral arrangements.

The Wildflower Florist was founded by the very talented Wilma Esplana Watts, a traveler by passion. During her travel to Western Europe, she got inspired by the landscapes of wild meadows and also by the rough Fiord land of New Zealand. Later on, she founded her own floral shop and used all these inspirations while designing her own floral arrangements.

The bouquets and floral arrangements of this particular floral shop are arranged in a way that imitates natural wildflowers which grow naturally in the fields.

Wilma is a graduate of Nobleman School of Floristry and she also got her formal training in Sogetsu Ikebana which is basically a Japanese art of flower bouquets and arrangements. Her vision and slogan for Wildflower Florist are “Bring the Wild Inside” which means to get inspiration from the beauty of wildflowers and use it in the floral arrangements of indoor spaces to turn any given space into a wonderland or fantasy garden.

How to Select Product?

When you visit the website, you will see various floral varieties offered by the Wildflower Florist. These flower arrangements are presented in the form of vase arrangements as well as table wreaths. The best thing about the Wildflower florist is that all of its floral arrangements and bouquets are unique and different. Each time when you will visit the website you will never find two similar bouquets or floral arrangements. Every design is different and their uniqueness will definitely surprise you.

There is a total of five different sizes of floral arrangements which are; extravagant, popular, Grande, regular, and also classic. To make things easier for the customers there are some sample arrangements on the website. Customers can go through them and decide which floral arrangement is best for them according to the given occasion.

The one unique thing about the Wildflower Florist which is quite rare in the floral industry is their environmental consciousness. They use environmentally friendly materials which are reusable, repurpose-able, and also recyclable wherever possible.

If you want your flowers in a vase arrangement then you will see a brownish colored ribbon wrapped all around the vase which is further held in place with the help of a stylish ribbon.

The florists of this floral shop don’t use ordinary ribbons to wrap their flowers; rather they use burlap which is basically a biodegradable material synthesized of natural jute fibers. All these materials are absolutely free of any chemicals, additives, or preservatives therefore they are 100% environment-friendly and don’t harm plants or animals even when they are discarded in the environment.

Flower Subscription Services

This special flower subscription service starts at the price of almost $258.40 after every 4-5 weeks. The main purpose of introducing this specific floral subscription was to bring the Wild inside the home and have a fantasy garden feeling.

All the flowers in this category are hand-picked by the florists and the bouquets and floral arrangements have a natural touch to them which makes them a very desirable option while decorating homes.

It also has various subscription services for other places like retail stores, offices, and restaurants and all these subscription services fall under the category of Wild-Office.

How to Customize your Order?

If you have something special in your mind or want to add a special touch to your order and want to make your loved ones feel special then Wildflower Florist also offers the option of order customization.

Even if you want to order flowers for special occasions and events like wedding parties, anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day you can still ask the floral team to customize the orders for you.

All you need to do is just visit their online website, get in touch with the customer care representative, tell him/her about your ideas and they will help you in the best way possible. The customer care representatives are given proper training to have a very pleasant experience with them.

How do make the Payment?

The Wildflower Florist accepts all the major cards including Visa card, Master Card and also PayPal account. Once you select the item then click on the “payment” option and you will be directed to the page.

Enter all the required information and if you have a discount code then also enter it in the designated box to avail the discount.

Once your payment is confirmed then you will get a confirmation email and your order will be processed right away. Make sure to screenshot the payment confirmation email in case of any mishap.

Delivery Services

The Wildflower Florist is a Singapore-based floral company so it offers its services online across Singapore. At the moment it does not ship worldwide. So if you are placing an order from Singapore then they will make sure to deliver the order to your doorstep in the provided time.

They also offer same-day delivery as well as next-day delivery so after order placement let them know when you want the flowers and they will make sure to deliver them on time.

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