Xpressflower.com Florist Review

Review of Xpressflower.com Florist Singapore

Xpressflower.com is the most established and also one of the largest floral shops in Singapore. Almost in every heartland mall you may have noticed its signature purple shop banner. It is one of the household names in Singapore that is trusted dearly among all the Singaporeans for all their major events and occasions.

Xpressflower.com has one of the best and most experienced floral team who knows their job perfectly. With their creativity and hard work it has become one-stop shop for all the local people who just love to order their floral arrangements and bouquets from Xpressflower.com for all their major events.


How to Select the Products?

Xpressflower.com offers a wide variety of bouquets, floral arrangements and gift hamper almost for every occasion so all you need to do is just scroll through their wide varieties and select the product that best suits your need.

Another good thing about this particular Florist is that it has partnerships with all the renowned and popular brands like OSIM, Disney, Yankee Candle and Precious thoughts. Due to this partnership, all their gift bundles are paired with the best gifts like massage and wellness products from OSIM, licensed Disney merchandise, plush toys and fragrant candles and also porcelain figurines.

Apart from these brands, it has also partnered with famous and most loved dessert brands like Udders and Island Creamery for Ice-cream, Twenty Grammes Café and Cake inspiration for Cake and Famous Amos for Cookies. All these amazing products are offered just to make sure that you stand out in the crowd with your gift hamper and also you don’t have to worry about going empty-handed to a party where you are invited.


How to Customize the Gifts?

One of their main features is order customization. This particular service is available for almost all the available products including bouquets and gift hampers. In case if you want to add some special add-on gifts like chocolates, stuffed toys, candies or candles just let them know and they will do exactly the same.

Some people like to write a handwritten note and send it along with the gift in order to give it a more emotional and personal touch. If you want to add that then just let them know. The team of Xpressflower.com will make sure to write the note on your behalf and deliver it to your loved ones.

By hiring Xpressflower.com for your floral services you can enjoy smooth flexibility in all the floral arrangements and designs that will definitely satisfy all the preferences of the recipient. Xpressflower.com has the best team who are properly trained to communicate with the customers and that is the reason all the customers trust them blindly and prefer their services for every occasion.


 How to Place an Order?

Orders can be placed not only on their online website but the good thing about Xpressflower.com is that it has some 21 outlets that are located in all the main locations of Singapore. You will find this particular floral shop in all the major shopping malls of the country.

If you can’t visit the physical stores then place your order using their online website which is very user-friendly. All you need to do is just go to their website. All their products are sorted based on the floral type and also occasion.

By clicking on the desired section you will be directed to the floral arrangements and bouquet list. Find your desired product and then on the checkout page provide all the necessary information like shipping details and payment details. Once it is all done then you will get an email confirming your order.


How to Make a Payment?

At checkout, Xpressflower.com accepts all the major credit cards including both visa and debit cards and also PayNow. As stated earlier it has some 21 physical stores across Singapore so you also have the option of self-collection. If you choose to go to the physical store and shop from them then they will also give you $10 discount on all the purchases.


Delivery Services of Xpressflower.com

There are no delivery charges for local deliveries. Xpressflower.com offers both same day delivery and next day delivery. If you place the order before 10m then your order will be delivered on the same day otherwise it will be delivered the very next day before 12pm.

Once your order is delivered to your loved ones you will get a notification email and also SMS. Xpressflower.com also provides its services internationally. Right now it delivers to countries like United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and also Philippines.

So if your loved ones living abroad in any of the above-mentioned countries then you can hire Xpressflower.com to deliver gifts to them. Just make sure to place the order 1 week before the actual day for international orders.

The Customer Care Services will get in touch in case of any additional information. If in case you placed the order but all of a sudden you want to replace the product with something else the get in touch with the team. They will make sure to guide you in the best way possible and there are very high chances that your product will be replaced with a new one.

So order from Xpressflower.com and surprise your loved ones with their exotic floral range!

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