10 Baby Names Inspired by Flowers

Couples are not only excited to see their newborn baby but for sure they also feel excited to name their little angel. It can be very confusing for parents to decide what name they will give to their babies because of the options they have. For sure they would want to go for something unique and catchy knowing how important a name is. You would not want other people to make fun of your child just because of her name so you have to make sure that you’ll go for the best one.

Flower Names for Your Baby

One popular option you have when naming a baby is flower names. You cannot deny the fact that flower names are popular especially if you are searching for a baby girl’s name. The idea of naming a baby after a name of a flower started in the last century. Up to these days, a lot of parents still consider flower names knowing how important flowers are in our lives. Flowers don’t only beautify nature but it also uplifts people’s moods. Sending flowers to your loved ones can make them feel happy or you can plant flowers in your garden for a relaxing ambiance.

If you can hardly decide what flower name you will give your child, then here are some of the favorites names that you can consider.

  1. Lily – This tall and delicate type of flower is available in a variety of colors. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and beauty making it a perfect name for a baby girl and not just for floral designs.
  2. Rose – Roses are known to be one of the most popular flowers in the world. It suits any type of occasion and an ideal name for your baby girl. This name stands for a fun, loving, and daring person.
  3. Aster – Flower names are not only for baby girls but they can also be used for boys such as the name Aster. This is a star-shaped flower with colorful petals. It is a Greek word which means star. It represents charm, faith, love, wisdom, patience, and daintiness. It is the birth flower for people who are born in the month of September. Different colors of Aster have different meanings. White aster represents innocence and purity, purple aster symbolizes royalty, red aster stands for undying devotion, and pink aster means to love and sensitivity.
  4. Holly – Holly is not only a flower for Christmas but it is also used in naming a baby girl. It reminds people of versatility and beauty and derived from the Old English word “holegn” which means to prick.
  5. Daisy – Another example of a popular flower name in centuries is Daisy. It is derived from and English word dægeseage which means “day’s eye”. The meaning of daisy is usually related to positive perspectives and purity. By just looking at the flower, you will surely feel uplifted because of the way it looks and its color. Daisy symbolizes love, fertility, and sensuality. It is also used to express acceptance in the Victorian language.
  6. Fern – One of the reasons why Fern is a popular flower name is because of its lovely fronds giving life to bouquets. It stands for sincerity and humility. The name Fern surely never goes out of style which is why it is still a famous name up to these days.
  7. Hana – The name Hana is an Arabic word that means happiness. It was used to name the daughter of Mohammad Ali. It represents a beautiful, loving, intelligent, considerate, and caring person. Hana also means the grace of God and an unexpected fortune.
  8. Dahlia – This name comes from a summer flower that originated in Mexico. However, the flower was named after Anders Dahl, a Swedish botanist. This can be a name suitable to a baby born in the summer months.
  9. Valerian – It can be quite difficult for you to look for a flower name that you can give to a baby boy. It is a rounded flower that was derived from a Latin word that stands for health and strength.
  10. William – William flowers belong to the carnation family. It blooms in a variety of colors that include white, red, pink, and purple. The name William symbolizes gallantry in the Victorian language. It is one of the few flowers that represents masculinity.

Naming your baby is indeed something that you have to take seriously. No wonder why parents have to talk about this matter ahead of time. Your baby will carry her name for the rest of her life so you have to come up with a name that would be perfect for your little one and will also sound unique. If you are having trouble what name to give to your baby, then why not try flower names?

There are plenty of flowers that you can choose from. In fact, you can also find flower names for boys. Not all flower names signify feminism and beauty because there are flower names that stand for masculinity and strength. You can do your research as early as possible before your baby comes out so you can have an idea of what the name means. You can also consider your favorite flower when giving your child a name. You have to be very creative when thinking of a name because for sure you want your child to thank you for giving her a nice name when she grows up.