All About Ranunculus – History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

There is another all-time-favorite flower that comes in almost all colors of the rainbow. This one is not hard to find and it is known to be available all year round. These are the ranunculus. If you love how peonies could come in a wide variety of colors, there is no doubt you will love ranunculus too.

How Familiar you are with Ranunculus?

Ranunculus is not a rare type of flower. Some people would call it the Persian Buttercup or Coyote’s Eyes. Most cultures thought these flowers as the symbol of charm and attractiveness. This class forms part of the Ranunculaceae family having around over 600 species. Amongst this number, it is the Persian Ranunculus that is mostly used by many floral shops. These flowers are native to the Middle East but are grown widely in the United States. The shades of colors are plenty from orange, peach, yellow, green, purple, wine, cappuccino, to white. With these colors available in the palette, choosing what color to get would probably confuse you.

Ranunculus Myths and Historical Background

According to an Old Persian tale, a young prince dressed in green met and fell in love with a beautiful nymph. To express his love, he sings to her every time she is with him. Despite his efforts, the nymph seemed to have not returned the feeling. It was so heartbreaking on the prince’s side that he died by it. Then on the place where he died, ranunculus grew.

Meaning of Ranunculus

Across almost every culture and background, people often associate ranunculus to the mean charm and attractiveness. To receive a hand bouquet of it gives the kind of glow these words define. Even the Victorians a long time ago have been sending these blooms to express emotions. So it is not impossible why these blooms are still considered as one of the best.

Does this flower last long?

Fresh cuts could last up to 14 days. This is good news for flower lovers who want to decorate their homes with fresh cut flowers. Ranunculus would really look amazing as centerpieces on your home tables or weekly flower delivery for office lobby. Be careful though on getting this, make sure that when you squeeze the base stem of it should show firmness. In addition, check if the flowers are free from any discoloration or scratches as it indicates the freshness of the flower cuts.

Taking Care of Ranunculus

To make ranunculus last for two weeks is something we should be getting every time we opt to have these flowers. To make that a possible, things are necessarily considered and a thorough check on the fresh cuts is a must. We prepared a list of tips that one can follow when purchasing ranunculus. We know how much beauty this flower brings in your homes, we hope that through this little help could give you what you want.

  • Every time you buy ranunculus, they are usually wrapped as florists’ way of keeping the blooms intact. Once you are home, make sure to remove these wrappers so to allow the blooms to breathe freely. This should be done right away or else they become dry. It would really upset you if they would not last long as intended.
  • Next is to cut the bottom of the blooms using a pair of garden shears or a kitchen knife. We recommend that you cut half an inch on each of its stem and an angle of 45 degrees. This is for reasons that ranunculus has to get the right amount of water to keep its blooms last for two weeks.
  • We know you have prepared a nice vase for these blooms already. During this step, you have to assure that the only things of ranunculus left inside the vase are its stems and water. Sniff off any leaves or any parts of it that hang below the opening of the vase.
  • As for the water you will use for the fresh cuts, we would require you to use lukewarm water. Unlike cold water, molecules in this type of water are quickly absorbed by the flower. You know already how water plays a vital role in every flower in a vase. In addition, it is best to change its water every 2-3 days and trim its stems. This is for ranunculus to absorb enough water and survive for weeks. Making it sure that the water is quickly absorbed up to its flower heads is a must. Keep this stage in mind.
  • To give them enough water to survive is already enough, but there is a method also to keep it healthy. This is to add some flower food in the water. Though water contains nutrients already, it is still better than they get more than what is enough. You can ask your local florist about what flower food is best for these flowers.
  • Fresh cuts of ranunculus would really bring the feels your homes need. The feels that you get upon seeing these flower vases in your homes. Just be sure though to place them away from direct sunlight and away from any heating vents. Find the spot that gives a consistent room temperature to ensure fresh and happy blooms.

We hope these tips would help you make ranunculus blooms last for at a maximum of two weeks at least. We know how you would always want to see its blooms around your place. The joy these blooms bring is incomparable. Take the proper care needed to achieve that. Be sure to do and get what is necessary for these blooms.