All About Spray Rose – History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

Basically, these are just roses. What makes it different from the roses that we commonly picture out in our minds are its clusters of blooms on one stem. We usually see roses with one bloom on one stem in our hand bouquet. This does not make it less beautiful than spray roses but only suggests a different bloom of it. In case you want something sweet and opts to have a different kind of roses, this sweetheart seemingly could provide it. Its blooms are a bit smaller than the roses with long stems and are labeled as miniature roses. It is best grown on pots perfect for hobbyists of indoor planting.


Difference Between Spray Roses and Roses

Besides the kind of roses that we commonly get on Valentine’s Day, it is always nice to explore whatever is available near us and step out from the usual. One underrated flower which should be on top of your list is the spray rose. These are the fragile and short roses growing from one single stem. This is still a rose except that it allows more blooms to grow on one stem rather than just one. As to the colors available, the palette is the same. You can get deep red to light pink spray roses too, colors that symbolize romance and love. It is best delivered in pots as it is easy to care at home. Instead of just keeping in a vase for weeks, you can have it longer by growing it at home.


Spray Rose Variety

It goes the same to spray roses, it also has a wide variety of blooms. It got its spray name for the reason of producing clusters of blooms on one branch or stem. All are tightly nestled in a cluster and each of its buds opens separately. From tight buds to fully open blooms, spray roses have various stages too.


Use of Spray Rose

Being small, blooms of spray roses are ideally use in making a bunch of small bouquets and corsages. Producing different colors of richly hued blooms, its foliage creates the perfect background for it. Singapore Florist uses this in creating small flower arrangements in instances where large buds of roses may seem too overpowering. In the end, it still always gives the same vibe which is romantic and great for any setting or event.


Spray Rose Blooms

The types of blooms that spray roses produce are almost the same as other roses. It blooms having one layer with eight petals on it or a maximum of 45 petals on it. Each bloom differs in the number of petals it has. The color range is the same, it goes from white to deep red blooms.


Size of Spray Rose

It is typical for spray roses to produce smaller blooms as compared to those of long-stem roses. What makes it different and amazing on its own is how close together its flowers are. One stem of it already resembles a small bouquet.


Potted and Bouquet of Spray Roses

Being a miniature rose, it is ideal to have these blooms in a pot. The plant itself is not small except for its flowers. That is the same reason why it got its name. It could still grow up to 36 inches high especially if planted into a garden or large containers. All will be the same, blooms being produced remains of the same range of size. Although it would look nice on a pot, it does not mean you cannot have it in a bouquet anymore. There are still traits of spray roses that make it ideal for bouquets too. Having multiple blooms on one stem already suggest how it would look amazing if made into a bouquet. Also for being less overpowering, its small size turns out to be a great match for other flowers mixed in one bouquet.



Although a bouquet of these blooms would still result in being beautiful. Florists are still opting to give these roses as potted rather than in a bouquet. Sending it as a gift is ideally chosen to be on pots rather than anything else. The miniature feature makes it look really wonderful as tabletops or centerpieces. Just take one of these in your dinner tables or on party tables. Your guests will surely love what you will prepare. Potted spray roses can also be transplanted in to your own garden. It gives the recipient more options when it is potted.


Meaning of Spray Rose

Just like every rose you give, spray roses have the same meaning only it differs in effect. The small and delicate feature tells something that the usual roses cannot.

  • Red – One great way of expressing your romantic love towards another person is to give him or her red roses. Opt to something new next time and get spray roses instead.
  • Pink – Grace, sweetness, elegance, and poetic romance are just some of the few meaning a pink rose could mean. The color pink is so delicate and sweet. Try to make it sweeter getting spray rose, the effect would be more amazing.
  • Yellow – The cheering effect the color yellow radiates is just so wonderful, no wonder why it is the color of friendship and happiness. Daises and regular roses are overrated. Try yellow colored spray roses next friendship day.
  • Lavender – The sweetest color a rose could give. Achieve a royal-like setting next time. Get one of the sweetest lavender-colored spray roses you can find near you.