The Meaning of Pink Roses

THE MEANINGS OF LIGHT PINK ROSES (Light pink, pink, and bright pink)

We all know about the powers of roses. However, pink roses have set a standard for beauty and grace. Apart from red roses, pink roses are the most popular type of flower. Pink roses have been used on many occasions; thanksgiving, bridal arrangements, engagements, etc. to enrich them.

For some time now, light pink roses have become a favorite color to give and receive because of the safe atmosphere they create. Frequently used by good florist worldwide. You may think that pink is a lady’s color, but it is actually more than that. They carry deep meaning in terms of affection and gentleness.

The pink color has a spectrum of shades and tints. From a pale blush on one end of the spectrum to a gentle medium color at the middle to a radiant pink at the other end, all these have their own meaning and implication which will be explained in details in this article.


Did you know that pink roses were first found in fossils about 40 million years ago? In more recent times, these lovely roses were seen in China’s Imperial rose gardens about 5 millenniums ago. From the horticultural point of view, pink roses have set a standard by being the first set of coloured roses to be cultivated. Now, we have different hybrids of the pink rose thanks to the lovers of this special flower.

The meanings of Pink Roses

Pink roses (Light pink, pink, bright pink) carry a lot of importance to both the giver and the receiver. Because of the many ways in which they are used, pink roses have acquired a couple of meanings. Some of these meanings are:

  • Sophistication and Style: This is best appreciated when you put a pink rose hand bouquet as part of, or the only floral arrangement in your home, workplace, or any other facility. The style and arrangements that this flower can produce, has made it a top choice for producing a classy and stylish, yet simple arrangement.

For the purpose of simplicity of understanding, the benefits of these roses have been classified according to the shade of the color pink in which they fall.

For Light Pink Roses

  • Appreciation and Admiration: A light rose carries a letter that says “Please accept as true, the feelings I have for you.” People over time have sent pink roses to love interests. This will make anyone who receives this as a gift to feel loved and cared for. For example, Instead of sending the cliché red rose to your partner on valentine, sending a light pink rose would produce an excitement that has previously not been seen.
  • Softness and Sympathy: Pink roses express the softness and gentility that is otherwise not seen in red roses. When a loved one is recovering from an illness, or someone has had a great loss, this light shade of pink roses can be used to bring comfort and consolation to that person. The softness of the flower helps to heal any emotional wound that may be deeply hurting the person.
  • Femininity and Grace: This is the most common meaning of the flower. This is evident in society today. Pink constitutes the most common colour amongst ladies. Pink roses in different forms have been greatly linked with femininity and grace. Light pink roses are often seen on different belongings of women.
  • Joy and Sweetness: As expressed by their colour, pink roses signify deep joy and utmost happiness. When being overcome with profound joy using light pink roses is among the very best ways to grace the occasion.
  • Innocence and gentle emotion: Imagine the blameless petals of a pink rose on a cool evening. Pink roses have been used to denote innocence. With the innocence of feelings and love towards someone, the light pink rose does not have the same loud effect as the deep red roses.

For Pink roses

  • Love: Love can be expressed in hundreds of ways with the pink rose. People use a pink rose to lighten up the mood of a friend, to encourage a friend who is passing through a difficult time, to congratulate a person for reaching a milestone they have been trying to reach, etc.

For romantic love, pink roses say “I Love you”, depending on the number that they come in. For example, a single pink rose says “I like you”, while a dozen pink roses say “Be mine”

  • Poetic Romance: In the same context of love, pink roses express romantic interest in someone.

For Bright Pink Roses

  • Gratitude and Recognition: Pink roses can be used to strike the soul of someone, through gratitude and appreciation. If you are seeking to melt someone’s heart, using bright pink roses is the best bet for you. Emanating from the colour, this rose will put a smile on anyone’s face. Expressing gratitude is one of the best ways to strengthen the interpersonal relationship with people. This can be done easily by saying “Thank You” and giving very bright pink roses alongside.

From the above classifications, one can be guided on what shade of pink rose best conveys the intentions behind the presentation.

Care for the Pink Rose

To get the best out of this delicate flower, you need to care for them specially. Choose a garden-fresh flower bouquet, water with discretion, and trim from time to time. Also, place the blooms in a place that is bright and well-lit.