12 Cremation Secrets Revealed: Behind the Scenes Secrets of the Crematorium

If you are planning to cremate yourself or have someone you know that wants to be cremated, then you should know about cremation first. There are a lot of things that you should know and consider when you are planning a cremation. Cremation has become one of the most sought out choices during funerals. Not only are they cheaper, but they are also convenient and efficient when it comes to small and short funerals. This is one of the reasons why cremation has become a popular option during funerals.

Cremation secrets

  • They are a popular option – truth be told, cremation is actually the preferred option by most people these days. One of the reasons is the price. It is increasingly popular, so you do not have to worry about finding a place where cremation is done as more and more people are making this an option for those who are planning a funeral.
  • Most religions allow it – You may not be aware of it, but more and more religions are accepting a cremation as a way of saying goodbye to someone who has passed. You should, however, confirm with your clergy before you choose cremation. Confirm if it is allowed in your religion as they would know.
  • They are cheaper – They are cheaper than a traditional funeral, some may cost a fraction of half or traditional funeral service. Of course, you may still hold a funeral before the body is cremated.
  • Viewing and a small funeral is allowed – Contrary to popular belief, cremation does not necessarily mean that the body would be cremated immediately. There will always be an option to have a viewing or small funeral for people to say their goodbyes to the physical body before it is cremated.
  • Direct Cremation – is the cremating of the body without viewing or a gathering This is the most affordable type of cremation. You can still have a memorial service after the cremation as the remains will be returned to you.
  • Embalming is not required – Embalming is one of the reasons why funerals cost so much. The liquids needed are expensive and with cremation, you can forego that by holding the memorial service after the cremation.
  • A casket or not – You do not necessarily need a casket when it comes to cremating. The only requirement is that the container would be fully combustible. You do not need it, however, and can opt to just rent one before the cremation if you are planning a viewing or funeral before it.
  • Urns – You do not need to buy an urn from the funeral parlor or even the cremation company. You can buy the urn anywhere, as long as it is sturdy enough to hold the remains of your loved one.
  • Other alternatives to Urns – You do not have to use urns for the remains as you can have other alternatives. There are many other ways to handle ashes. You can choose cremation jewelry as one thing or even custom containers. You can even decorate it with funeral flowers from an expert florist.
  • Memorial service – one of the advantages of cremation is the convenience as you can have a memorial service anywhere with the remains. Any location would be good. It could be a place that is special to the one who has passed or a place he or she chose to be when they passed. It gives you a lot of options to chose how to remember and honor the one who has passed. There is no limit to your imagination. If budget allows, consider adding some condolence wreath to space.
  • Space efficient – Another thing is that it is easy to carry around. Once your loved one’s remains are in the urn, you would not have a hard time taking it with you compared to a casket. It would also not take up so much space when you are going to travel to the cemetery or the memorial service.
  • Personal touch – One of the best things would be that it is often easy to add a special or personal touch to the urn as it is more convenient than a casket. You can have a special urn made with words or a touching message to remember your loved one engrave on it.

Cremation may seem like a process that is hard to imagine or accept as this would definitely make the physical body of your loved one turned into ash. A lot of people may have a hard time choosing this option as they are not ready to completely let go of the physical appearance of the one who has passed. Of course, some people would plan their funerals ahead and would request to be cremated, it is best to acknowledge and respect the decisions of the deceased.

One of the biggest advantages you can have if you choose cremation is, other than being cost-efficient, you have limitless choices on how to memorialize the one who has passed away. From the choice of urn, or container to the type of memorial service, you have endless possibilities. Some people may even take it to new heights and carry the urn with them while they accomplish goals and wishes of the one who passed. This is one of the most personal and special ways to remember and respect the wishes of your loved one.

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