Do you Send Flowers to a German Funeral?

A funeral is that time when the deceased is being buried. In different regions of the world, different customs are being observed by each of them as it pertains to how they organise a funeral. Some regions hardly give much attention to funerals. Some regions hardly even hold a funeral for more than an hour or two. After the passing on of a loved one is announced, they simply go ahead with the burial arrangements, leaving no room for people to even arrange for a florist delivery or send flowers to the funeral.

As for a German tradition, funerals are usually held, where people would gather together first at the church. The coffin is set at the front, and it always stays closed at all times. Also note that at a German funeral, everyone wears black even the women and children, are all dressed up in black. And on the coffin, different funeral flowers are usually arranged.

So, yes, you can send condolence wreath flowers to a German funeral. And the flower would have an impact at the funeral. Different flowers can be sent to a German funeral. Flowers like lilies rose, forget me not, carnations, and everything in-between. When the flowers are received at the German’s funeral, they are usually arranged on the coffin for display. Then the pastor says a few prayers, and some songs are sung. Then eulogies are held then the coffin is carried out for burial by volunteers, mostly by the friends and family members of the deceased.

When the coffin is being lowered into the grave for a German funeral, a bucket of sand and shovel is placed at the side of the grave. Then friends and family would use the shovel to pour sand into the grave and at the same time, people would drop flowers into the grave and add more sand to bury the deceased.

Types of Flowers that can be used for a German funeral

Out of the numerous flowers out there, there are basically a few exceptions that are usually associated with the German tradition of organising a funeral. Here are six (6) of the most popularly used flowers at German funeral.


Lilies are one of the most famous funeral flowers used for a German funeral. And preferably the white lilies are used mostly. The way this aromatic flower blossom fills the entire room of the funeral venue is what makes lilies unique. And for a funeral, lilies especially are loved by  Germans. In the Germans traditional, lilies mean peace. And when lilies are brought to the funeral, it means that the soul of the deceased has departed to the afterlife. Lilies could also mean peace and brought to a German funeral to wish a peaceful rest to the soul of the deceased. Lilies are beautiful and exceptional when it comes to a German funeral.


Roses, just like the lilies are also associated with the German funeral. And traditionally, to the German, roses are sent to a loved one who just departed. There are different colours of roses, but all having one broader meaning to the German, which is love. Apart from the more general meaning of rose as love, for example, the white rose means innocence, purity and spirituality. And at a funeral, the classic deep red roses mean grief and love. The yellow roses, on the other hand, are brought to the funeral by close friends of the deceased, and the yellow roses in the German tradition mean a strong bond. While the rarer dark pink roses in the German tradition sends a message of thankfulness to the deceased.


The orchid is also another type of flower that is worth taking a closer look into when considering the type of flowers you can send to a German funeral. The orchid also comes in different colours and is so beautiful that they can comfort even the most grieving widow. But one thing is sure about the orchid, and that is the more general traditional meanings of the orchid flowers. The orchid simply means I will always love you, in all denomination be it German, or Greek or US or UK, the orchid simply means the same thing. Likewise, all colours of the orchid mean the same thing too.


Unlike the orchid that has a more general meaning all over the world, the chrysanthemum is different from region to region with different traditional meanings attached to it. The chrysanthemum to the Germans has a more focused meaning on sympathy and honour to the deceased. The chrysanthemum is a lovely flower that is worth considering when you want to take a flower along when attending a German funeral. The colours of the chrysanthemums also play a vital role in determining the meaning associated with it. Like the white chrysanthemums symbolises innocence, while the red chrysanthemums symbolise love in the German tradition.


The carnation is also another one of the popular flowers used at a German funeral. The carnations are not only popular because they can be given as a single flower, or as a bouquet, but they can also be used for different floral arrangements. The carnations are popularly used in standing spray, and funeral wreaths. The carnations are also popular for their uses in a German funeral. And the different colours of the carnations mean different things. Take for example the red carnations which symbolise affection. The white carnations, on the other hand, mean innocence in the German tradition. The pink carnations are what people mostly send to the church in a German funeral. They believed the pink carnation blossomed as a result of the tears of the Virgin Mary.


Lastly, we would be looking into the hyacinth as a flower to consider sending to a German funeral. The hyacinth is mostly used in an assorted floral arrangement, and the different colours of the hyacinth are used to make the flowers even more beautiful. The traditional German meaning attached to the hyacinth is not really direct, and it ranges in variety. The meaning of the hyacinth ranges from deep anguish feeling to a message of I would include you in my prayer.