Why Lily the Best Funeral Flowers in Singapore?

Flowers have been a common way to express sympathy and convey condolences when someone passes away. Since the early times, fragrant flowers were placed near the casket of the deceased person to ward off any unpleasant smell. Although modern embalming already solved the issue of unpleasant smell on the decaying body, the tradition of having flowers at the funeral homes remains the same. Looking back at traditions and history, the most common funeral flowers that people preferred include the flowers of Lilies. From the shop of the florists in Singapore, learn more about why Lilies are the perfect flower for the funeral.

  • Because of Its Meaning

Lily flower is a unique type of flower that means purity and divinity. Moreover, the meanings of Lily vary depending on the type:

  • Stargazer Lily in color pink means wealth and prosperity while the white one means sympathy.
  • Peruvian Lily means devotion and friendship.
  • Peace Lily means rebirth and innocence.
  • Oriental Lily means eternal life.
  • Calla Lily means beauty.
  • Eucharis Lily means charm.
  • Tiger Lily means pride and wealth.

The various meanings of Lily flowers make it an ideal flower for the funerals. It has been believed that the soul of the person who passed away is already at a peaceful state in the presence of God. Adding a funeral wreath of white Lilies near the casket implies peace and innocence, as well as comfort to the grieving family. There are plenty of designs for these funeral flowers available at the flower shops in Singapore. You can send standing sprays, which can be placed near the casket and within the room or you can send specially-designed wreaths in heart, cross, or pillow shape instead. If you are a common friend or someone not related to the family, you can send funeral baskets filled with Lilies or Peace Lily plants.

  • Because of Its Symbolism

The flowers of Lilies are also used in the funerals because it symbolizes a variety of things. Easter Lilies are used to symbolize Virgin Mary because the flower was found covering her tomb. In addition, this flower in its three petals is symbolic of the holy Trinity. To other cultures and regions, the flower of Lily is symbolic of deep sorrow because it was believed that people saw Lilies to have grown from the soil where Eve’s tears shed when they were cast out and far from the Garden of Eden.

  • Because of Tradition

Traditionally, the flowers of Lily are always visible in any funerals. It shows grief and sorrow but it also creates an environment filled with peace and comfort. You can find different designs of funeral flowers that contain Lilies. The florist has it in the wreaths, dish garden, floral baskets, standing sprays, casket sprays, and other flower arrangements. In addition, white Lilies are a tradition when it comes to funerals but with modern designs, colorful flowers and flowering plants have become acceptable.

  • Because of Durability

Another reason why the flowers of Lilies are ideal for the funerals is because of its durability. The petals of the flowers can last for one to two weeks even at minimal maintenance. They have hardy leaves and stem and the flowers do not easily get torn and withered. Local farmers and growers cultivate the plant to bloom in abundance.

  • Because of Fragrance

Lilies are among the most fragrant flowers not only in Singapore but also throughout the world. Because of its distinct smell, it is an ideal type of flower to place in the funeral homes. The funeral flower arrangement is usually placed near the casket and inside the room. The sweet-smelling fragrance can fill the room for days and encourage comfort and sympathy to the family. Among the naturally scented types of Lilies include Oriental Lily, Casa Blanca Lily, Star Gazer Lily, Muscadet, Starfighter, Tom Pauce, and Dizzy Lily.

  • Because of Arrangements

The florists arrange and create wonderful funeral flower arrangements suitable for the funerals. The casket spray can be designed with white Oriental Lilies or mixed with other types of white flowers like Orchids and Chrysanthemums. The Lily flowers can complement the solemn and peaceful environment in a beautiful flower arrangement. On the other hand, there are places and regions wherein the flowers of Lilies are not acceptable, especially those flowers in bright and vivid colors. It is best to ask the florist for limitations and restrictions when it comes to sending Lilies as funeral flowers and sympathy flowers.

  • Because of Affordability

The flowers of Lilies are also affordable. The florist offers different types of funeral flower designs at prices within your budget. You can choose from the huge collections of flower arrangements of Lilies under the “Deals of the Day” category to avail discounts and promos. Delivery within the same day is also free of charge. You can save more on the prices of these flowers when you choose to send through the florists.

Lilies are a popular funeral flower for so many reasons. Ever since the early years, people prefer to have this flower at the wake because of the dazzling beauty and exquisite fragrance it possesses. Having Lily Flowers in the funeral home soothes the soul of the family as they grieve the death of their loved one. The flowers also make the atmosphere pleasant and full of solemnity and comfort for all the people who mourn over the death of the person. If you want to pay your last respect or convey your condolences, you can say it best with a Lily funeral flower.

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