What color roses are best for a funeral

Roses are one of the most common and popular types of flowers. They are often associated with love and passion. Although, roses are actually also great for funerals. Even though they are known to be a symbol of love, having roses as funeral flowers is also a good idea and fitting for the time of grief. Roses come in different colors and the color themselves have a meaning, so if you are planning to send someone you love, be it a family member or a friend, funeral flowers to express sympathy or to say your condolences, make sure you send roses in the appropriate colors.

Roses are a great way to express how you feel and to make the grieving family feel that they are not alone and that you are with them during their hardest times. Some color of roses that you should consider are:

send red roses casket spray etiquette1.Rose Colors

Everyone knows that roses come in various colors, red being the most common and the most popular as it has become a worldwide symbol for love. The red rose is a famous flower during Valentines day and Mother’s Day. Red roses, of course, are not limited to cheerful and happy occasions. Some colors you can buy for funeral flowers are:

  1. Red Rose– The color red still holds true to its universal meaning which is ‘I love you’. These types of roses are fitting as funeral flowers because it is a way to express the love you have not only for the one who passed but also to the family that is left behind. This is perfect to bring to a funeral of a loved one as this would symbolize the eternal love you have for the person.
  2. White Rose– The color white is the most common color for funeral flowers. White usually represents or signifies purity. White roses have a message that says “You are heavenly” which is appropriate for a funeral. This would represent the purity of the one who has passed and the memory of the person.
  3. Pink Rose– Pink may not be so common than the other colored roses. Especially the light pink kind is appropriate for funerals. The color pink has many meanings which include, appreciation, grace and admiration. When there are pink roses in a flower arrangement in a funeral home, this could symbolize the graceful character of the departed or your admiration for that person. Pink roses are also good for flower arrangements that you plan on giving to someone who is deathly ill or ailing.
  4. Black Rose– Not many may be accustomed to black roses are they are not very common. The color black has always been a symbol for remorse, sadness and mourning. These roses are not actually in the shade of black and when you look closer, they are actually burgundy in the deepest shade. The color black is a common color that can be found in funerals in the west.

These are just some colors you can use for funerals. Of course, there is no law that prevents you from using any other color, but avoiding the color yellow should be remembered as yellow is a color that symbolizes cheer and happiness and the message might not be taken well by the grieving family. Always be sensitive and aware of what message you project when you go to a funeral as most people at this time would be vulnerable and may take your message the wrong way. Even if you may have the best intentions at heart.

When attending the funeral of someone you are close to, it is always best to keep in mind the preference of that someone as it makes the funeral flower more personal and sentimental. If you want a combination of colors, it is best also to ask florists about it as they are skilled and very familiar with flower arrangements for funerals.

2. Other types of Flowers you can use for funerals

There are many types of flowers you can use for a funeral arrangement. Each flower would have a different meaning or sentiment. It is best to always know more about the flowers before you choose it to avoid any misunderstandings and to make your message clear. Of course, you can also opt to give a plant that can last longer and would be a living tribute to the one who has already passed.

You can choose between these other flowers that you can combine with your roses:

  1. Lilies – This is the most common flower used in funerals as they represent innocence. This simply conveys a message that the departed soul has regained or restored its innocence.
  2. Carnations – another flower that you may often see during funerals. They have a long-lasting fragrance and a symbol of sympathy. The pink carnation is good as it stands for remembrance.
  3. Gladioli – These flowers are usually perfect for fan sprays as they can grow p to 4 feet tall. These are perfect if you want the flower arrangement to have a traditional feel and look during the funeral service.

There are many other flowers that you can use for a funeral arrangement. Just asks your florists so you do not pick the wrong one or an inappropriate one. It is always better to be safe than sorry and cause more grief to the family who had lost a loved one.