What to Write on Funeral Flowers card for Mum?

Most of us have made the strongest human connection with our mother. It is, in fact, the first human connection we have in this world. We lived for a certain period in our mother’s womb, and in that span of time, felt what our mother felt, and lived on what her body could offer us.

As our mothers gave birth to us, we drew our first breath, and from then on, their sacrifices for us are beyond themselves. We have always been amazed at how our mother was able to bear motherhood on her shoulders, and sometimes even more. We remember how our mother had more responsibilities than just caring for her children. She also took care of her parents and in-laws. Some had careers and businesses to take care of too. Other moms have all the responsibilities of a household weighing heavily on their shoulders—the single moms.

Planning for the funeral

When the mother dies, the task of preparing for her funeral service is left to the children, if they are grown adults or to the husband or other closest relatives in the family. It can be heartbreaking for a child to have to prepare for the funeral of his or her mother, but it we do it lovingly as we look back on all the sacrifices our mother has done for us.

Our mothers always knew how to plan things. There is even a great possibility that your mum has already planned all the details of her funeral from where the service will be held to what songs will be playing and what color lipstick she will have on. Mothers are lovely that way.

But, it does happen that a mother’s life is taken by an accident or an ill fate that was completely unexpected. If this happens and the funeral service is left unplanned, the family members will have to pitch in to do something that mum can surely do singlehanded as she would plan party after party, and host various events.

Should the stress be too much for you to bear, you can always talk to the funeral director to ask for a plan that will make this process easier for all of you. Just keep in mind that imploring the service of professionals will cost you more financial burdens for the price of lessening the emotional burden.

Thinking carefully of the funeral flowers

Whatever kind of mother you had, it is always fitting to offer funeral flowers for your mother’s passing. Consider flowers that symbolize elegance, such as orchids or those that symbolize love such as roses, tulips, and lilies. Chrysanthemums are also traditionally offered as funeral flowers for mums.

The funeral flower arrangement should also be carefully thought-out. You may consult with your local florist to create a unique arrangement for your mum’s funeral. Heart-shaped floral arrangements are the preferred choice.

Sweet-smelling flowers like lilac and lilies are also lovely to add in funeral flowers especially in wreaths so guests can smell them as they walk through the doors of the funeral home. Keep in mind of these small details that also pay tribute to your mum. She not only cooked great food to serve her guests but also made sure her home smelled divine to make guests feel welcome.

What to say on the card

The message you write on the card with the funeral flowers will be read by the guests. It is important to give it thought as it will reflect on the kind of mother your mum was to you. Think of the significant impact your mum made in your life, and include a personal touching story.

You may also use an anecdote or a quote that you will always remember mum by. If you are a Christian, it may be a verse that your mother applied in her life, and always reminded everyone else of. Your message will be a message that will inspire many as your mom has been an inspiration to you. Some messages written by sons and daughters for their mum are:

Dear mommy, you always inspired me to the best version of myself. No words can express how much I appreciate you.

To my mom, the one who lifted me up through good and bad times thanks for everything mommy. I love you forever

To the best mom a girl could ever ask for, you will always be my best role model.

My mom, my inspiration, we miss and love you very much.

Thank you Mom, for giving me the best life

Mommy, you radiated love and happiness in your life. You will forever remain in our hearts.

Thank you Mama, for all you did for us. We will cherish our memories with you always.

To the most loving and caring mother in the world, you will forever be missed.

For the most wonderful Mama, thank you for all of your sacrifices.

Thank you Ma, for your endless love and kindness

We love you Mommy

Estranged with your mom while she was still alive? Your funeral flowers’ card can send the message of an apology. “I’m sorry mom, you are greatly missed.” You can also say something along the lines of “To my one and only mom, be at peace.” No matter how ill your feelings are about your mom, when she dies, we can only pay tribute to the time we were in her womb because from that time, our mother has been chosen.