When Should Funeral Flowers Be Delivered?

Sending Flowers to a Funeral

Losing a loved one is a difficult situation where a number of people may find it hard to handle. Grieving is the stage where comfort and sympathy are much appreciated. To commemorate the dead, people from all over the world prepare a funeral service. During these services, it is often that we see people sending flowers as their respect to the dead and condolence to the bereaved family. Though it may be popular to many, funerals vary depending on one’s belief and religion. Sending of funerals may be widely accepted but there are exceptions to this. Before sending anything, remember to ask the personal preference of the bereaved family first.

Despite the different traditions practiced by different religions, sending of flowers is still a wonderful gesture to show one’s sympathy and condolence. To get you to become familiar with what type of flowers you can send, you can ask your local florist about it and let them handle it for you. There are plenty of flower shops that are already familiar with this kind of delivery. It is either sent to the church, the funeral home, or the bereaved family’s home.

Selecting the Appropriate Condolence Flowers

This has been a widely accepted norm by a number of people and they do this to send a heartfelt condolence message to the bereaved family. A message that despite the loss they have to carry is a new life, regrowth, and a reminder to move forward. The flowers have this natural beauty that brings warmth and comfort to those who have lost a loved one. Though it is not really mandatory, to send these to them would really mean a lot I whatever hardship they go through.

Today, most people do this as their own way of expressing one’s love for the deceased and remembrance for all the good memories they had shared together. Finding the appropriate floral arrangements is now easy in the presence of experienced florists anywhere around the world.

When should these be delivered?

As for the timing in delivering these flowers, to have this sent at the funeral home is the preferred timing. Although not all may find this convenient, even after the funeral and burial will still be a good time to deliver the flowers. Letting them know that you remembered and thought of them is the least you can do to help them moved on.

Being mindful about the type of flower arrangement

To help you avoid getting confused and start to become unsure of what flower will be suitable for this scenario, here are some of the usual funeral flower arrangements ordered by many which you can follow.

  • Wreaths – a circular form of flowers which means eternal life for their loved one. This is usually placed on the casket top and is commonly reserved for family members.
  • Floral cross –flowers formed as cross commonly observed by Christians who believe that with the cross the deceased will have an eternal life with God.
  • Floral Bouquets – freshly cut flowers would look really nice in a bouquet or perhaps put it in a vase. You can get all white roses for this or other flowers like calla lilies, chrysanthemums, and carnations.
  • Funeral Flower Stand – the preferred floral arrangement by the friends and colleagues of the deceased. This is preferred as this can be easily placed anywhere inside the funeral home.
  • Funeral baskets – this arrangement looks nice on funeral homes. The decorative baskets with beautiful blooms inside it will help lift the mood of those who mourn and brighten their day. Sending this to their homes would also be a good idea to remind them that you are also there for them.
  • Green and Blooming Plants – potted plants and good blooms are a nice gift to a family who has lost a loved one. This is a good reminder for them that no matter what happens, life goes on and memories live on.

Just as how careful you are in choosing the right flower to send, there is another stuff that you may want to be mindful in expressing one’s sympathy.  These are some of the certain things that you must really take a second look before sending it to anyone in grief. These are the details which are very important in sending funeral flowers. Better if you ask the members of the family first or the funeral director in order for you to be informed about the personal preferences.

  • Correct Name and Spelling – This is very crucial as not to send funeral flowers to a person who is still alive. This becomes challenging if you are not that closed with the deceased.
  • Address – Remember to get the right address because you might wrongfully deliver it to a different address. You do not want to insult anyone else. Make sure to get the right information particularly the address.
  • Times and Date – Although during or after the funeral will still be a great time to deliver these flowers, it would still be great to deliver these flowers during the funeral service or burial. This is a difficult time for the bereaved family and any sort of comfort would mean a lot for them.
  • Special requests – Take note of the preferences of the family of the deceased. There are families who would prefer you donating to a charity instead of sending flowers to the funeral. There are religions also who would prefer to receive food from you and share it together. Know these things ahead before sending flowers to the funeral.