DO and NOT TO DO When Using Flowers as Decoration for Your Wedding Car

Flowers are the perfect elements to incorporate to the wedding event. Whether for the wedding ceremony venue or for the reception or for the wedding car, flowers make a great choice for a stunning and gorgeous wedding decoration. The Flower Delivery of fresh flowers for the weddings is handled professionally by the Florist. If you are looking to wedding car decor with fresh flowers, here is a list of the dos and don’ts from the florist in Singapore:


  • Maximize the Wedding Flowers

You will save on cost if you will choose to maximize the wedding flowers by using some of the flowers used in the aisle for the wedding car decorations. Your wedding florists in Singapore assure you that your choice will be addressed accordingly. This is a convenient way of having beautiful flowers throughout the event without spending too much for the cost.

  • Use Hard and Enduring Flowers

The flower shop has a large selection of fresh flowers that can be used for the wedding car decorations. If you are choosing flowers that are best for the wedding car, it is best to pick those with hard and enduring structure and blooms. Flowers like Hydrangea, Roses, and Orchids come with hardy blooms and stems while Cordyline and Monstera leaves are just perfect for the flower arrangement. If you are not sure what to pick for the car, let the florist help you.

  • Match the Color of Flowers with the Motif

Colors and motif are among the important factors in choosing flowers for the wedding and for the bridal car and wedding car. For a more organized wedding event, let your wedding florist match the color of the flowers with the wedding motif. The flower arrangement may also match that of the bridal bouquet. On the other hand, matching the flower colors with the motif does not always follow. Some florists prefer the color of flowers that complement the color of the wedding car.

  • Consider Seasonal Flowers

Choosing seasonal flowers to decorate the car is a nice way to compliment the season and the weather. Seasonal flowers make a great option for the wedding car decorations because of their bright colors, natural scents, and unique beauty. Depending on the season and on the available flowers at the shop, choosing seasonal flowers may cut your expenses on wedding car decorations. Expect cheap flower delivery when you choose this type of flower.

  • Mix Fresh Flowers with Decorative Elements

Another thing worth doing for your wedding car decorations is to be creative and artistic of the design. You can mix fresh flowers together with decorative elements for a more attractive decoration. You can add flowers on the bumper and hood along with the banners, decals, and cans. Flowers are sure to mix well with other decorative elements.

  • Choose Silk Flowers

Silk or artificial flowers are as attractive and appealing as fresh flowers. They are also more durable and enduring than real flowers.


  • Flowers that are Easy to Wither

Don’t choose flowers that fade and wither easily. The high temperature of the car will definitely cause the petals and leaves to fade quickly. Your wedding florist will help you pick the right type of flowers that will endure the weather and temperature, especially on wedding transportation on daytime.

  • Materials that May Damage the Car

Don’t use any ordinary materials for the wedding car flower decorations. Materials like electrical tape or whipped cream or paint may damage and affect the aesthetic appearance of the car. This will cause you additional expenses whether you rent the car or you own it. The online florist will use other alternative materials like ribbons, laces, adhesive tape, and paper.

  • Flower Decorations at the Wrong Place

Don’t place flower decorations on side mirrors, back window, and front windshield because they will only affect the driver’s view of the road. Instead, make use of the car’s hood, bumper, top, and doors when you attach flowers and decorate the wedding car for the newlyweds.

  • Flowers with Thorns and Spikes

Don’t decorate the wedding car with flowers that have thorns or spikes. Some leaves, flowers, and stems have thorns and spikes. If you are planning to decorate the wedding car, let the florist help you. You will never want to mess with the polished surface of the car or its shiny paint.

  • Writing on Clings and Signboards

Don’t write on the window clings or any signboards when they are already attached on the car. If you are planning to write something on it, it is best to do it before attaching it to the windows or to the hood and bumper of the car. There are stickers and decals that you can use to decorate the car, and they are easier to remove, too.

  • Hard to Remove Decorations

Don’t use hard to remove decorations and celebratory materials like confetti, whipped cream, spray paint, electrical tape, and flammable materials. These things should never be part of your wedding car decorating kit. On the other hand, the florist in Singapore recommends the use of soap to write on windows or adhesive tapes to attach the sign or paper or plastic on the car surface.

Decorating the car will never be difficult and challenging anymore now that these dos and don’ts are revealed by the florist. If you have a Flower Delivery to order, do not forget to include the materials appropriate for the car decorations along with the flowers for weddings.