TIPS and Guide: DIY Wedding Car Decoration

Everyone surely wants to provide a long-lasting impression to their guests on their wedding day. This is the reason why it is advisable that you do the preparation as early as possible if you want everything to run smoothly. One of the most important things that you have to look for is your wedding car. You still need to decorate the car in a way that it will suit the occasions. No matter what type of car you will use for the wedding, you have to come up with an idea on how you can be able to decorate it for a stylish look. Besides, you don’t have to pay for someone who will do it for you know that there are plenty of ideas that you can try for wedding car decoration.

Different Ways to Decorate a Wedding Car

The wedding car will always play an important role in couples on their wedding day. This will not only provide them a safe and convenient ride when going to and from the venue and hotel but this can also add elegance to the occasion. You don’t have to hire an expensive car if you really can’t afford the price because you can still do something to make an ordinary vehicle look classy. Decorating a wedding car can be an exciting moment for soon-to-be couples. There are lots of materials that you can use for the decoration that will only take you a short period of time to finish the task. Here are some ideas that you can apply when decorating your wedding car.

  • Balloon Decors

It is just normal to use balloons for weddings because it can somehow uplift moods. It can transform your wedding car into a vehicle that could provide an exciting ride. Design the car with big balloons and pick the color that suits the motif.

  • Flowers

If you want to make the car look livelier, then you can think of using fresh blooms from a trusted online florist to decorate your car. Besides, you don’t have to fill the car with flowers instead you can place a bouquet of flower in front and at the back. You can also make use of flower net for a graceful appeal.

  • Diagonal Ribbon

Tying a diagonal ribbon to your wedding car can be the simplest way to style the vehicle and can provide a vintage look. In fact, this is a common idea for decorating a wedding car especially if you use an old or vintage car.

  • Bow-ties

If you think that bow-ties are only for the groom, then you’re wrong because you can also use the idea when designing the wedding car. You will have to create an extra large bow-tie and find a perfect spot where you can place it.

  • Paper Flowers

Though using fresh flowers is common to weddings, there are some who go for paper flowers because this can keep them away from the hassles of maintaining the freshness of the flowers. You can attach the flowers to a rope and start accentuating the car. You can use this idea as an alternative to the getaway cans.

  • Vintage Bunting

Transform your wedding car into something romantic by making use of a burlap bunting. When it comes to bunting, you’ll have lots of options to choose from. Check the message and make sure to match the color and style to the theme of your wedding. You can also add extra foliage for better colors.

  • Garlands

You can decide what material you want for the garland such as real blooms, paper flowers, steel cans, or paper pom poms. You can also acquire help from a florist in Singapore to help you secure the garlands in place even if you have to travel from afar.

  • Car Flag

If you are looking for the easiest to somehow design your wedding car, then you can simply make use of a car flag. You can simply look for a car flag online with the appropriate message on it and stick it to the window.

  • Floral Stickers

Aside from using fresh flowers for weddings, you can also look for floral stickers that you can use to style a wedding car. You can include the name of the newly-wed or the date of the wedding with the floral design. This is a perfect idea if you are planning for a rustic-theme on your wedding day.

Reasons for Decorating You Wedding Car

If you want to have fun in preparing things for your wedding then why not consider decorating the wedding car? Remember that your wedding car is essential for this special day because it will take you to and from the venue and hotel. Because you are wearing your best gown for this memorable day, it is just right that you decorate the wedding car in a way that it will match your dress.

There are lots of materials that you can find around and you can use to accentuate the car. You can use cans, balloons, flowers, ribbons, and lots of stuff that you will find accessible. You can also write on the car without worrying about how you can be able to remove it after the wedding because there are safe options such as using white or liquid chalks. All you have to do is to wipe off the windows and the car with a damp cloth to remove the writings.

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