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How On-Demand Delivery is Changing Flower Delivery in Singapore?

There are many important occasions in our lives that we don’t mean to forget but we do. There’s our anniversary, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and that flower arrangement you’ve promised your mom or in-law, but forgot until the last minute. Gone are the days when you have to take time off of work to rush through […]

Fresh Bouquets Sent Home With Weekly Flower Subscription

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Flowers are very good for decorating the house. They add color and beauty in any household with their colorful petals and fresh aroma. Decorating your house with flowers not only helps beautify the place and fills it with a rich scent, it also helps to keep it cool during hot days as we all know […]

How Does Little Flower Hut Florist Singapore Keep Their Prices So Low?

The modern consumer is budget-conscious. Our customers want to make the right choice when purchasing a flower bouquet, fruit basket, or hamper delivery. They always look for the best quality they can afford, but don’t spend too much on discretionary expenses, flowers included. It is up to Singapore florist to create lovely arrangements from fresh-cut […]

Save Money on Flowers in Singapore: Are Flower Bouquets Ever Dollar Worth It?

Fresh flowers are your best options if you want to give or send wonderful gifts to the people you love on their special days. You will never go wrong in sending Flower Delivery when someone you love is celebrating birthday, graduation, anniversary or any special occasion. The gift of flowers always brings happiness and joy […]

All About Carnations: Everything You Need to Know About Carnations

Get to know carnations When you are shopping for carnations at your local florist, have you wondered how many types of carnation are there? There are various types of carnations but only 3 are well known – perpetual-flowering, border, and annual ones. Carnations are often called “Dianthus”, the scientific name of the plant that was […]

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