15 Frequently Asked Questions on Opening a Flower Shop

Having a dream and wanting to make it come true is an essential part of growing up and finding a place in this world. If you are someone who has a dream, you should definitely hold on to it and do your best to make it come true, even if it is something that you may think is almost impossible. Perhaps you are one of those people who had just recently thought of a dream of starting a business, like a flower shop. While some may mistake opening a flower shop as something that is easy, it actually takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make a business like that bloom. Pun intended.

You may be wondering where to start. Well, this is the right place to know exactly where and how to create a booming flower business. Being a florist is actually one of the most humble and beautiful things you can be. This would help you grow your love for nature and in turn, appreciate the beauty of flowers and the importance they have to the world and the creatures that live in it. Below are some of the most frequented questions with regards to opening a flower shop.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you need a background in flower arrangement?

  • This is actually an essential part of opening a flower shop. You would need how to arrange flowers and have an eye for design. Knowing how to design will give you and idea on what the latest trends are, what would be eye-catching and what types of flower arrangements are selling. It takes creativity and experience so it best to enroll yourself in flower design classes before opening a flower shop.

  1. How much will I likely have to spend?

  • This would depend on how you would like to start a flower shop. You can start from scratch which would cost more than buying an already established flower shop. One of the most significant things that you would need to spend on is the place itself because retail locations cost more than any other type of space for rent.

  1. Is purchasing an old flower shop a good idea?

  • Yes, if you want to save money. This really helps if you do not want to start from scratch and want a brand name already established with an existing list of sales and customers.

  1. Is starting a flower shop at home more suitable?

  • It would depend as it would be like starting from scratch, with lesser costs because you would be using your own hope space for your shop. This is a good idea for those who need or want to stay at home as they work.

  1. Is a floral wire service a good idea?

  • This would depend on you and what type of floral wire service you would join. It is actually much better to do things on your own and contract business on your own instead of having another person or a third party to handle your transactions.

  1. Where do I get flowers and supplies?

  • Some people grow their own flowers while others would have a contract with another business that would supply them with flowers. Supplies can be bought in any flower store or hardware store if you plan to grow flowers on your own.

  1. How do I set up or use a floral cooler?

  • Just remember that flowers need to be kept cool so that they would survive longer. By making sure your cooler stays or is set at 1.112-1.7 degrees Celsius should be good enough to preserve your flowers.

  1. How much mark-up should I place on my flowers and supplies?

  • A lot of florists have already established the estimated mark-ups you need for fresh cut flowers which should be three times the price you had paid for it. Other supplies like vases should be twice as much and some florists even add 20% for the labor costs.
  1. Do I need a website?

  • This would certainly help with the advertisements and marketing of your flower shop. Making a website and managing it on your own can also help you spend less as the internet is a great tool for businesses.

  1. How do I market my flower shop?

  • Marketing through social media is better used these days. You can also go old fashioned and market through word of mouth by asking your friends and family to help out.

  1. Should I pay a lot for an advertisement?

  • If you are creative, then you can definitely do it on your own. Of course, hiring an advertising team would also do you and your business good.

  1. Can I grow my own flowers?

  • Yes, of course, you can. This would help you spend less but this would take more time and hard work than just ordering the flowers. Of course, this would also give you control over your products and the quality of your goods.

  1. Should I ask for help and tips from a florist who will most likely be a rival company?

  • It is not bad to ask questions, especially from someone who is more experienced than you.
  1. Do I need how to learn how to take care of flowers?

  • This is because you would need to preserve the flowers so that they do not wilt or die easily. No one would like to go to a flower shop with wilting flowers displayed.

  1. Do I need to study about flowers in general?

  • Yes, because knowing this would not only give you a vivid appreciation for flowers but people or your customers would trust you more. Knowing about flowers, especially about their language will definitely help you in the long run.