Types of Tropical Flowers for Your Wedding

So, why should you consider tropical flowers for wedding, especially when it comes to a bouquet? That’s because they are just wow! The reason why people consider a tropical flower bouquet is because it is less conventional. Also, these bouquets could be super funky based on the kinds of flowers you are using. Definitely, out-of-the-box floral designs can be eye-catchy and one can do more with fewer flowers, depending on the kind you choose!

The wedding style that best suits a tropical flower bouquet is a beach wedding or the boho theme. There are various ways for enhancing the entire design with a tropical bouquet full of unique flowers and vibrant colors. When it comes to tropical flowers, you have choices like phalaenopsis orchids, pin cushion protea, birds of paradise, and more. Other great options are heliconia, oncidium orchids, and bromeliad. So, every flower brings an aesthetic and vibe on its own and features its own assets.

While tropical flowers are popular for the lush vegetation they teem with, you do not need to organize a destination wedding for incorporating tropical flowers into the bouquets. From a palm springs resort to a ballroom, tropical bouquets should be a must for a wedding!

There is nothing like walking down the aisle with the wide-open sky and waves in the background. So, if you are looking forward to having a beach wedding, then go with tropical flowers that complement the seaside ceremony really well. Find here ten flowers that blend in perfectly and beautifully with a tropical theme.


#1 Calla Lilies

The blooms of calla lilies are in the shape of a trumpet, which mimics the wave’s shape. Thus, they make a perfect beach tropical flower. These timeless blooms look awesome on their own. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to place them at the center of a large floral arrangement and bouquet.


#2 King Protea

Now, this King Protea can be a show stopper for your wedding bouquet. These tropical blooms can add an exotic touch and texture to any beach flower bouquet. Their white ambiguous texture in the middle and oval-shaped flower petals definitely make a good statement.


#3 Oriental Lilies

These tropical flowers are also called ‘the Queen of Flowers’. Also, it is quite right to call them so! These flowers are star-shaped with huge petals that feature ruffled margins. Plus, they are so fragrant. Oriental lilies are available in a range of color shades, including yellow, white, and hot pink.


#4 Monstera Leaves

These leaves are quite large and bright green in color. Monstera leaves are as large as a plate. The overall interesting shape of these leaves makes them a popular choice for a beach wedding. These leaves can be employed in arrangements and bouquets. Not just that, but these lovely leaves also last longer in a vase.


#5 Orchids

Now, which flower line could be beautiful than orchids! These flowers feature multiple blooms on each stem. They can add texture and height to a flower arrangement. People often go for its galaxy-blue tinted color. No worries as the tint does not rub off its petals! Orchids work amazing in a submerged centerpiece as well.


#6 Birds of Paradise

When you are in search of something a bit tropical, then birds of paradise are what you need. These beautiful flowers have royal blue and orange petals. In the center, they form a beak-like shape. Now, this gives them a look of a tropical bird. Birds of paradise flowers represent faithfulness, thoughtfulness, and love. In Hawaii, these flowers grow wild.


#7 Pin Cushions

Pin cushions are pretty colorful and bright flowers. These flowers perfectly complement a cheerful, sunny beach wedding. Pin cushions are present out there in bold colors, including red, pink, yellow, and orange.


#8 Anthurium

Another amazing tropical flower is anthurium. One can consider this plant for adding to the beach or mix tropical florals. Anthurium has leaf-like, colorful blooms, which are available in different shades from purple grape and flamingo pink to fire engine red and candy apple green.


#9 Xerographica Tillandsia Air Plants

These wedding plants are something unique. They can be added to a beach floral bouquet. The unique shape of these plants makes them appear like a starfish. Thus, they make a great accent to the other beach florals.


#10 Roses

So, just because you are organizing a beach wedding, it does not mean that you should use only tropical flowers. You can ask your tropical florist to add traditional classics, such as roses. Irrespective of your wedding’s setting, roses always look pretty and beautiful.

Now, you are well aware of the most sought-after tropical flowers. So, it is time to learn about some styling tips and tricks. Tropical flowers are perfect if you want to add a vibrant and fresh feel to your event or home décor. Have a look at the styling tricks below for adding a tropical touch to your décor.

  • Use a diverse range of palm leaves for adding tropical texture to the party. For lush accents, go for something like phoenix palms and monstera.
  • To add a cheerful tropical feel, choose colorful and bold blooms. Pair large blooms like peonies and pin cushion proteas with small flowers, such as clivia and orchids.
  • For impressive table décor, use big florals and leaves. Add tiny pineapples for a cute setting. Contrast vibrant foliage and florals with white linens.
  • Draw styling inspiration from your theme for whipping up tasty and unique treats for guests. Add fruity flavors for keeping the desserts sweet and light.

Tropical flowers offer the best way for adding a unique and vibrant touch to any garden. Plus, these flowers are a new and fun spin on any gathering or event. Now, you have some idea of what types of flowers you should think about having, find some pretty tropical flower arrangements for gifting to your family and friends. So, a tropical and unique bouquet will be a pleasant surprise to your loved one.