What are the Birthday Flowers for Each Month? Learn Your Birth Month Flower.

Birthday is a very lovely day for most people. It’s a time when people show how much they love someone. They buy all sorts of things, go to all sorts of places just to make that day a fun and memorable day. Some people even go to the extent of allowing their loved ones to ask them of anything and if it is in the powers, they would do it. Birthdays are so lovely, and what is even more lovely are birthday flowers. What are the birthday flowers? You may ask, for those who do not know what they are, they are flowers that are given to each month of the year.

Flowers are assigned to a particular month based on the characteristics of the flowers and these characteristics may be taken up by the person. Generally, flowers with a lovely appearance or colour, and a sweet smelling fragrance were what was mainly used to choose these birth month flowers. So when next you find yourself in the dilemma of choosing the right flower as the right gift, be sure to take note of the birthday month flowers. Learn from the expert Flower Delivery people here.

Enumerated below are the birthday month flowers which were mostly believed to have been started by the Roman Empire, most of the flowers here are seasonal, and mostly present at certain months of the year, leading to the name birthday flowers.

January Birth Month Flower: Carnation

A lovely hand bouquet of flower, characterized by its sweet smelling fragrance, loved for its curled strips of petals, the carnation is the birthday flower for January. It denotes devotion, loyalty, and love. They are distinct and signifies love. They one of the few flowers that can survive in extreme cold, carnations have a wide variety of colors to choose from. They are mostly called the flower of the gods while they are also very fascinating.

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February Birth Month Flower: Violet

Often, a lot of people think that since Valentine’s Day the 14th of February is celebrated in February and Valentine is a time to celebrate love then the flower for February should be rose. It could be forgiven because the birthday flower for February is violet. It denotes virtue, modesty, humility. Giving your loved ones a bouquet of violet is a way of showing them that your love for them is true.

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March Birth Month Flower: Daffodil

Daffodil is the birthday flower for March. it symbolizes rebirth because it flourishes when it is spring. Gifting daffodil to someone especially on their birthday is a way of showing a happy, respected, and well-regarded friendship. Because it flourishes more during spring, it denotes a new beginning.

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April Birth Month Flower: Daisy

In summary, it shows a childlike joy and cheerfulness. Daisy is the birthday flower for April. It symbolizes purity, innocence, loyalty and love. Giving this flower to a pregnant woman is really awesome because it is been said to denote motherhood and fertility. This flower is quite colourful and it’s amazing because it closes at night and opens in the morning.

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May Birth Month Flower: Lilies

A royal flower so elegant with a bell-like shape and a sweet smelling fragrance, the lilies. Lilies are the birthday flower for people lucky enough to be born in May, they are the lucky ones who get to claim the lilies of the valley. Lilies symbolize humility, purity, and sweetness. They only bloom for a certain period of time, from March to May. They also feature a large range of colour.

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June Birth Month Flower: Rose

June features one of the most popular flowers of all time. The birthday flower of June is Rose. They signify love, beauty, and honour. Roses are so loved especially for their beauty and nice smelling fragrance. They have a very beautiful color combination that keeps people dazzled anytime they set their eyes on them. What an attractive flower!

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July Birth Month Flower: Delphinium (Larkspur)

Larkspur, the birthday flower for July. It is used to express lightness, levity, and natures beauty. It has a nice refreshing fragrance and comes in different colours with a different meaning. For example, the pink coloured larkspur denotes contrariness, the white coloured larkspur is used to express a happy nature. When there is a very strong bond of love, larkspur is just the perfect flower to use to express it.

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August Birth Month Flower: Gladiolus

The August birthday flower is the gladiolus. It denotes strength, generosity and integrity. They are most popular during the late summer period and they are available in variable colours. Gladiolus in Latin means sword, and it is popularly referred to as the sword lilies, no wonder it is used to denote strength and moral integrity.

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September Birth Month Flower: Aster

The September birthday flower is the Aster. It is used to represent daintiness and love. Aster is usually associated with wisdom, faith, and valour, which makes them a really awesome choice. This wonderful and lovely flower grows all year round, it even grows during autumn and yet it still remains very colourful.

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October Birth Month Flower: Marigold

A brilliant and colourful flower, the marigold is the birthday flower for October. With its distinctive golden colour and a spicy fragrance, marigold just seems to be the favourite among many people. Marigold denotes a passionate, creative and driven person. They grow at autumn when most flowers die, but they are keen and stubborn enough to want to grow and thrive.

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November Birth Month Flower: Chrysanthemum

A unique flower with a long fascinating history, the chrysanthemum is the birthday flower for November. They denote friendship, happiness and joy. They are one of the most popular flowers you can find in most flower shops today. They also come in different colours with different meanings. The red chrysanthemum is used to show love, the white chrysanthemum is used to show innocence and the yellow chrysanthemum is used to show unrequited love.

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December Birth Month Flower: Poinsettia

The poinsettia is the birthday flower for December. They are usually called the Christmas flower. They denote good cheer, success and merriment. Poinsettia comes in three (3) different colours, the red, white and pink. If you want to send a message to someone just to tell them how special they are, then the poinsettia would do the job for you.

Having said all these, a birthday flower is a very unique way to tell someone who they are to you and to show them what they mean to you.

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