Do you Send Flowers to a Greek Funeral?

When you send flowers to the funeral, it is a way of paying your final respect to the person who just passed on. And most especially when you might not be able to attend the funeral, it is best to send flowers as your own little way of making the funeral less sad. In a Greek funeral, the flower can be sent to the deceased family to offer them comfort at a time when they are grieving the loss of one of their member.

Funeral flowers can be sent to a Greek funeral, be it to the church or to the funeral home. But when sending funeral flowers to a Greek funeral, it is advisable to send it to the funeral home, where it would serve more purpose. At the funeral home, the flowers can be used even after the funeral, where they can place the flowers on the funeral site.

In this post, we would be discussing basically all things flower and Greek funeral. From the Greek tradition and flowers, down to which flowers to send in a Greek funeral. Later we would discuss some Greek family’s wishes as it pertains to the use of flowers and what flowers to send, and the time frame flowers have to be sent at a Greek funeral.

Greek Tradition and Flowers

Just like there are various traditional meanings of flowers in different cultures and regions, so also does the Greek tradition have its own meanings it attaches to flowers. Each flower has its own meaning; some are similar to the general, traditional meanings, while some other flower has its own special meanings attached to it. There are also different traditions applied when it comes to a Greek funeral and the use of flowers. It is true that Greek do use flowers for their funerals, but how they use the flowers is what makes the flowers unique.

At a Greek funeral, it is a tradition that the immediate family members of the deceased are to provide the larger flowers displays, while the extended family members and friends are to provide the smaller flowers display like the flowers in baskets, or the flowers that are in the shape of a cross. There is also the tradition in the Greek funeral that requires each of the deceased loved ones to drop a flower on the casket. All this and some more are typical examples of the traditional being observed at a Greek funeral

Flowers to Send to a Greek Funeral

The question of which flowers to send is usually the most frequently asked question when it comes to funerals and flowers. It is understandable when people get confused about which flowers to send to a funeral. Especially when it is a Greek funeral, there are certain flowers you can send that would hit the hammer on the nail. Like for example, it is more appropriate to send a white flower to a Greek funeral. I bet you didn’t know that, but at least now you know. Even though it is more appropriate to send a white flower to a Greek funeral, it doesn’t discredit the use of other flowers though.

You can still send other flowers to a Greek funeral to offer your condolences to the deceased family members. Flowers like lilies or an apple blossom symbolises condolence and hope, especially to the Greeks. You can also consider sending flowers that have significant importance to the deceased. Perhaps a flower that was loved so much by the deceased would go a long way in consoling the deceased family members also.

Family’s Wishes in a Greek Funeral

At a Greek funeral, there are usually the wishes of the family members pertaining to the flowers, and they need to be obeyed by everyone. In some cases, the family members at a Greek funeral might want the flowers donated to the charity organisation, or a hospital, or anywhere else that the flowers can be reused. Although, the floral arrangements would have to be changed after the funeral before they are being donated.

The idea of the family wishing to donate the flowers is totally understandable because after the flowers, they would have so many flowers that they can’t use. So, there is no reason why the family members at a Greek funeral should let the flowers waste when they can just donate the flower.

At some Greek funeral, the family might request that flowers should not be sent to the funeral. And in such cases, everyone needs to obey their wish. Perhaps they feel the flowers would make them grief more. But whatever the case may be, it is important always to respect their wishes. However, the wish the family members wish to organise the funeral of the deceased, it would be stated on the obituary note.

Time Frame Flowers must be sent to a Greek Funeral

As for the time frame, a Greek funeral usually takes place within three days after death. So, sending flowers to the funeral within this time frame is ideal. Usually, this time is actually very short when it comes to ordering for a floral display, so it is advisable not to waste any time.

As soon as the news gets to you about death, it’s ideal for placing an order for the flowers as soon as possible. That is if you want to get the flowers in time to use it for the funeral. You also need to ensure you address the flowers to the right person in other not to waste any more time with re-addressing the flowers again.


Having said all, it’s understandable to feel as though a Greek funeral is different from the usual funeral in other regions. But it’s important to note that every region has something specific that makes their funeral different from other region’s funeral. And the Greek is no exception. But one thing remains constant, and that is with the right funeral etiquette, you can never go wrong at a funeral. You always seem to know the right words to say, the right things to do, basically it always as though you are one step ahead.