How Do I Sell My Cemetery Spaces in Singapore?

It might come off as a shock that there are actually millions of cemetery spaces that owners have no use for. Times have changed and so are traditions. Before, cemetery plots were the most popular option and perhaps the only option in caring for the dead. Now, recent technology has given more options for burying choices. Cremation has slowly risen to become a consideration in taking care of the body of the deceased. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they are also a lot cheaper than burying the dead in the ground. Many people have been planning their funerals since they started earning money, but the funeral tradition changes have made it cheaper for them. Because of this, many cemetery spaces that were once intended to be the final resting place now lay unoccupied and without a body waiting for them. If you are one of those people who have a reserved cemetery space, or your loved one has, which you do not need anymore, the best way to dispose of it to sell it.  Here are ways and modes for you to sell your cemetery space.

The Key is Advertising

Like any other product, the key to selling something is to advertise it. There are many ways to let your cemetery space be known and available in the market and you can choose anything that is comfortable for you.

  • Word of Mouth – If you want to sell your cemetery space, you could start off by telling close friends and relatives. You will get higher chances of having a buyer through them or through a mutual friend of them. However, when selling a cemetery space to a close friend and relative, you might undergo a bit of negotiation and lower price. So, if you are not really looking to make too much money in selling your cemetery space, you could always opt to sell to your relatives. However, you can also ask them to tell their friends about your cemetery space.
  • The Internet – The online world offers an easier and effective method of buying and selling. There are many websites online wherein you can advertise your product as well as see what are available in the market. In fact, there are many cemetery pot/exchange websites that can be found on the internet. However, it is always better to be wary of any exchanges in which you must first verify the seller or buyer as well as the website itself.
  • Old-Fashion – Although the internet has become the top mode of selling and buying products, it is still safe to say that old fashion ways such as through the newspaper can be used in advertising your cemetery plot. You might not reach a lot of audience due to a number of declines in people reading the newspapers but statistically speaking, you will get your target audience. People who read the newspapers are usually adults, parents, and seniors, and they are the people that are most likely to be interested in buying a cemetery plot. But they do so not only for themselves but maybe to their children and grandchildren as well.

Tips in Selling your Cemetery Space

Most of the time, cemetery spaces are sold only through word of mouth. Although there are online platforms that can help you, most of the time buyers are skeptical and maybe they also have their own relatives that sells their cemetery plots. To increase your chances in earning money by disposing your cemetery plot, here are a few tips and tricks in selling.

  • Start As Soon As Possible – With the increase in preference of cremation over burial grounds, there is also an adjacent increase in available burial plots to be sold online. Most people are already opting for cremation and have no use for their cemetery plot. That is why, if you are already thinking about selling your cemetery plot, you might as well advertise it as early as possible so that you will not be included in the oversaturation of cemetery plot in the market which will cause a loss of income.
  • Check the terms and conditions – Some people oversee the terms and conditions that come along with their cemetery plot because they are already fixated on the alleged perpetual rights that it covers. However, you may want to check on the terms and conditions on your contract when embarking to sell your cemetery plot. This may come with an advantage or disadvantage because some cemeteries actually have the right to buy back the funeral plots. So, you may want to check first and foremost whether you have to right to resell the cemetery plot to avoid any legal issues and trouble.
  • Prepare Transfer of Ownership – As we have mentioned, it is better to dispose of your cemetery plot as soon as possible. That is why, even before you get your first offer, you must ensure that the process of transferring ownership will go on smoothly. This is done so by doing all the paperwork required or reach out to a lawyer. In addition, if a buyer needs a lot urgently, then you can immediately transfer the ownership of the cemetery plot and immediately close the sale.

Selling cemetery plots is never easy as selling funeral flowers because most of the time, adults already have their own funeral packages planned and saved up for. However, the burial plot market will also never run out of buyers and sellers as long as there are people who will opt to choose the traditional way of laying in the resting place.

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