What are Funeral Flowers Called?

Funeral baskets, casket sprays, condolence wreath flowers, and standing sprays are floral arrangements sent to the funeral home to pay tribute to the deceased. These can be brought to the funeral service afterward. This gesture is often appreciated by the family of the deceased expect in some culture and religion such as in Judaism and Islam.

The Difference Between Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

  • Funeral flowers- Sent to the funeral home and not addressed to anyone in particular. These are large floral arrangements that provide decoration for the funeral and are also used during the actual funeral service.
  • Sympathy flowers- These can be sent to the home of the deceased and addressed to his/her immediate family. These are floral arrangements that are smaller in size and are often placed in a vase. Live plants can also be given.

Reason for Giving Funeral Flowers

It has long been a tradition of mankind to place funeral flowers CD-96 CALMING THOUGHTSsurrounding the casket of the deceased. In the past, funeral flowers were used to mask the odors of the decaying body before it was buried. Funeral flowers were also thought to symbolize the brevity of life itself. Our lives are akin to flowers that bloom but a short season, fade, and wilt completely in due time.

Today, funeral flowers signify remembrance of the person’s life. A flower arrangement for a funeral also provides comfort for the bereaved. It is letting the family know the impact of their loved one in your life. You let them know you have not forgotten them and are thinking about them during this time of grief. Expressing condolences can be difficult during this time and funeral flowers are often a way to express consolation that words cannot say.

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What Funeral Flowers to Give

  • Immediate Family– Members of the immediate family can request a flower delivery from a local flower shop for a table arrangement, wreath, or casket spray that will be placed inside the casket. The floral arrangements of the immediate family should always be placed closest to the casket.
  • Extended Family– Cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and family friends can opt for a traditional standing spray that can also be taken to the cemetery. Alternatively, they can send live plants and informal floral arrangements that the immediate family can take home with them if so desired.
  • Friends and Colleagues– It is generally accepted among the family of the bereaved to send funeral flowers to express your grief over the loss of a friend or colleague. Your local florist in Singapore can help you make a unique arrangement that takes into consideration your friend’s personality and interests while he/she was still living. If you are giving funeral flowers as a group, consider signing the card or sash as an entity (e.g. ABC Firm, HR Department, or Johnson Family).

Appropriate Funeral Flowers to Give

  • Inside Pieces– These consist of small floral sprays that are placed inside the casket with the body. They can be arranged into a cross, pillow, sheaves, or clusters in the corners. Inside pieces are traditionally brought to the funeral home by the immediate family, in particular, young children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren.
  • Casket Sprays– These funeral flowers are placed on top of the casket. Traditionally, only the immediate family can purchase this type of sprays.
  • Half Casket Sprays– Cover only a portion of the casket and is preferred during open casket services.
  • Full Casket Sprays– These are used during closed casket services.
  • Standing Sprays– These make an impact and are displayed in a prominent place close to the casket. It is displayed on an easel standing at around 1-3ft. It can be arranged in the shape of a triangle, cross, or heart. Often only one side is decorated for viewing.
  • Floral Basket– These can be ordered from a flower shop and delivered to the funeral parlor, church, temple, or wherever the funeral service will be held. These can be placed on the ground close to the casket or as a table arrangement. Heart-shaped floral baskets for a funeral is also acceptable.
  • Table Arrangements– These are comparable to floral baskets which can be placed on tables during post-funeral events. It is often a smaller bouquet than the floral basket and can be given in a vase.
  • Funeral Wreath– A circular floral arrangement that is used to symbolize eternal life. This can be hung on the door of the funeral parlor. Unlike the other arrangements that can be sent to the funeral home or church, wreaths are often preferred at the place of the burial.
  • Military Flowers– These are given to pay tribute to fallen soldiers who are considered heroes of the country. Wreaths or flower arrangements that symbolize peace and harmony can be given during the funeral service. Opt for wreaths that have colors of the national flag or arranged in the shape of the soldier’s branch insignia.
  • Children’s Flowers– The death of the child is commemorated with a flower arrangement that is non-traditional. Singapore Florist can help you make an appropriate arrangement in the form of an angel, a car, a teddy bear, or any symbol that represents something the child enjoyed during his/her lifetime.

Common Funeral Flowers

If you are clueless about which type of flowers to give, the best florist Singapore expert can help you determine which flowers are fit for sending to a funeral home. White lilies are the universal funeral flowers. Other classic choices include gladioli, chrysanthemum (used only as funeral flowers in mainland Europe), white with dark crimson roses, peace lilies, and orchid flowers.

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