20 Awesome Gifts to Buy Your Boss that Won’t Break the Wallet

Buying gifts for your boss can be quite risky since your job is at stake and sometimes, we often think that getting them something expensive is the best way to go. That is not always the case. There are a lot of things or ideas you could gift your boss that does not burn a hole through your wallet. These are simple gifts that you could give your boss that would have the same effect on him or her where it an expensive one.

Here are some awesome gift ideas, that are way within your budget:

  1. Hand Bouquet – Nothing more universal than a hand bouquet. It can express gratefulness, happiness, and even joy in any occasion. A simple flower arrangement can make your boss feel appreciated and loved. A customized flower arrangement can even be easily ordered through an online florist in Singapore.
  2. Fruit BasketFruit baskets are good ideas to give your boss because they are a safe choice and a healthy one at that. Fruits can be easily eaten and because it is in a basket, your boss can easily take it home if need be.
  3. Hamper Delivery – An assortment of things like a flower delivery, chocolates and other things in one big hamper can definitely brighten things in the office and make your boss feel special. There is a lot of cheap florist in Singapore that you can order from that is well within your budget.
  4. Birthday flowers – an online florist can easily set you up with birthday flowers for your boss and some Singapore florist in even have same day flower delivery which makes it easier and convenient for you when you order.
  5. Customized Mug – A customized mug can be a gift to anyone, at any time. This is because a mug will always be useful and convenient for everyone because everyone makes use of it one way or another.
  6. Paperweight – A paperweight is cheap and useful, especially in an office setting because there tends to be a lot of paperwork going around. Help your boss get organized and be more convenient with a simple paperweight.
  7. Journal – Journals are great gifts because people, especially your boss, often have a lot to keep notes of and a journal is a good way to have it neatly tucked inside their bags and are much more reliable than technology.
  8. Book – Your boss will definitely have breaks and days wherein they just want to relax and unwind, so getting them their favorite book will have them something to read while destressing.
  9. Customized or Branded Pen – Again, something that your boss will definitely use is the best gift you can give.
  10. Necktie – Add to their collection and show them that you pay attention to what they wear and what their style is.
  11. Pouch – For a lady boss who is always on the go but doesn’t seem to have time to pamper herself by buying things for herself, a pouch is definitely a good idea.
  12. Planner – Bosses often have a lot on their plate and a planner is a good gift idea so that they would have something to write on or something that would help them keep track of their hectic work schedule.
  13. Wine – Nothing is better than fine wine. This is a sophisticated drink that you can buy at reasonable prices. Your boss would definitely enjoy this especially if he or she collects wine for fun.
  14. Whiskey – You never know when you might share a glass with your boss with a branded whiskey. This not only makes them have a good impression on your taste in drink, but whiskey is often a drink people like to have when they want to have a classic or elegant kind of time.
  15. Coat – A coat to match their tie would be a considerate gift especially since it is something that is most definitely useful. Just make sure you have the right size.
  16. Belt – Most people don’t find the time to buy a belt even though these are very useful things, so make time to buy one for your boss.
  17. Free Spa or Massage Coupon – Get your boss a day of pampering and relaxation in a spa or massage place to ease the tension from work or the office.
  18. Neck Pillow – a neck pillow is a comfortable and sweet gift that would definitely make your boss happy since it helps with sleeping and putting him or her in a comfortable position whenever traveling or taking a nap before a meeting.
  19. Perfume – You can never go wrong with a bottle of perfume, especially ones that are surely wonderful to smell.
  20. Baked Goods – No one can resist freshly baked goods, even your boss especially if they have a thing for pastries. This is a sweet and simple gift.

These are only some of the affordable gift ideas you can have when shopping for a gift for your boss. It could be their birthday or just any other ordinary day, and these gifts will surely put a smile on their faces. A simple thought can go a long way, and even a simple flower arrangement can be the perfect gift for any occasion. Sometimes simple and sweet is the best way to go when giving gifts.

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