7 Wedding Car Decoration Ideas That Aren’t Overdone

Wedding themes are an expression of our individual styles and preferences. Whether you’re going for a timeless appeal or something unique, there are wedding decorations that transcend time. In this article, we will take a look at some wedding car decoration that never goes out of style.

Who Should Decorate the Wedding Car?

First, you need to determine who will decorate your wedding car/s. If you’re the traditional type, you can assign the task of wedding car decorating to the best man along with the groomsmen. You can either trust their artistic style and see what they will come up with or you can look up a photo on Pinterest and hand it over to them.


It makes for a fun surprise and a great photo op when your friends decorate your getaway car. But the getaway car isn’t the only wedding car that needs decorating. Traditionally, there will be at least three wedding cars or limousines that need decorating apart from the getaway car.

First, the wedding car for the groom, best man, and the groomsmen. Groom’s car decorations should be minimal. You can also decorate the wedding car for the mother of the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids. Finally, the bridal car should stand out from all the other wedding cars.


Some from the bridal party can also be tasked to decorate the wedding cars. Alternatively, you can request your wedding planner/coordinator to help you with the wedding car decorations. Some wedding limo rental companies also offer wedding car decorating services.


If you rent a number of limousines and limo bus rentals to accommodate all of your wedding guests, you will need the help of professional Singapore florist. They can help you choose a flower arrangement that best suits your wedding theme. They can also help you determine an adequate amount of flowers for your wedding bridal bouquet.


Finally, before you put anything up on the wedding limo, be sure to ask the limo rental company if you can decorate the wedding car and ask about their guidelines. The last thing you want to do is to break the contract with the limo company and incur additional expenses for the newlyweds.


What to Avoid with Wedding Car Decorations?

Most of the time, the couple will be hiring luxury car services for their wedding. They can hire several limousines for their whole entourage. In such cases, you will need to know about some wedding car decorating faux pas that you wouldn’t want to commit when decorating rented wedding cars. Here are some:

  1. Tape– Avoid using tape at all costs to decorate a wedding car. Tape often leaves behind a mark that can be a pain to get off. If you decorate with tape from the interior side of the windows, you may possibly damage the tint.
  2. Obstruction of View– Don’t decorate the front of the limo with ornaments that can distract the driver’s vision. You can keep the decorations in front subtle and away from the front window, the windshield wiper, and the side mirrors.
  3. Paint– Never decorate the wedding car with markers, paint, and other dyes. Whether you’re renting or the wedding car is the couple’s own, never opt for vandalism. Don’t use ornaments with dyes too because the dyes can melt in the heat of the day and damage the wedding car.


Now that you know some basic guidelines to avoid, it is still best to ask the owner of the car up to what limitations you can decorate the car. If you can, show the car owner exactly what you have in mind with the wedding car decorations. With their go signal, you can go ahead and start decorating.


Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

  • Decorations Tied to the Back of the Car

This tradition goes back to ancient times when shoes were tied to the rear of the wedding car. It was supposed to keep the couple safe and also to keep the bride from running away. From there, tin cans were added to call attention to the newlyweds.

Take caution when using tin cans because in some places, it can be illegal to use tin cans as wedding car decorations. The reason being that it poses fire hazard when the getaway car moves at high speed. The tin cans can create sparks as they hit the asphalt.


A safe alternative is to tie plastic bottles to the rear bumper. For a quieter option, you can go with pom poms. Make sure to keep the strings short to avoid getting caught on the wheels while on the road.


  • Just Got Married Sign

This decor idea should never go out of style because it simplifies what you’re decorating for. You want to let the world know that this couple just got married. This idea is even great for anniversaries. You can just change it to “Just Got Married 50 Years Ago” or something like that.

You can buy or make your own pennant chain or you can have it written on a huge board. Make it easily recognizable. It’s great to add the large sign at the rear, but avoid the rear windows.


  • Happily Ever After Sign

This couple just found their prince charming and the girl of their dreams, so make that clear. Celebrate their fairytale ending with a happily ever after sign. It’s great for dreamy wedding themes that are straight out of the fairytale books. This is especially great if the couple has a fascinating love story to go with that.


  • Synthetic Flower Decorations

If the couple plans to go to their honeymoon on a road trip, plan to decorate the car with synthetic flowers instead of fresh-cut flowers. Fresh flowers cannot stand the rushing wind and other elements. For this reason, you can use artificial flowers to decorate the wedding car.


  • Balloons

Let the newlyweds think they are on the movie “Up” or getting ready to fly to the moon and play among the stars. For cheery wedding car decorations, you can use helium-filled balloons or mylar balloons tied to the car on short strings. A lovely way to do this trick is on one side of the wedding car. Use different-colored balloons.

  • Ribbons

This is another classic wedding car decor idea you’ll love. You can use traditional white or cream-colored ribbons. You can also opt for colored ribbons but stay away from dyed ones. If you tie the ribbons where it will hit the ground, go for dark-colored ribbons to hide dirt and mud.


  • Decals

Even rental car companies won’t fuss when you use decals to decorate the windows. Just make sure that it won’t obstruct the chauffeur’s view. You can even use decals to add the Just Married sign and add the wedding date.


What are other traditional wedding car decor ideas you can think of? Don’t forget to put in a hand bouquet inside the car so the groom can give his bride the bouquet of flowers when they get inside their getaway car.

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