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BADDEST 8 Flowers With Negative Meanings

How to Insult Someone in Flower Language Flowers are given to express love, affection, appreciation, and even regards. Usually, offering flowers is always positive and lightens anyone’s mood with their beautiful blooms, color, and scent. However, did you know that you can also give flowers to someone you dislike? Did you know that flower language […]

Celebrate Dad With These Meaningful Father’s Day Flower Gifts Ideas

Flowers have been universally accepted as the best gift for many years. There is various type of flowers that are presented to friends and loved ones on many occasions. Flowers have their language which can be understood by anyone irrespective of their language, religion, and nationality. The basic purpose to give flowers is to show […]

Impact of COVID-19 on the Cut Flower Trade Around the World

The COVID-19 outbreak affected the global industries, and that include the horticultural industry. No one ever imagined that everything will suddenly change when the virus infection spread throughout the world. Although there is no news about the challenges faced by the floristry in the world during this pandemic, there is no denial that the global […]

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