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Going Beyond the Traditional Flower Bouquet with Succulents

Succulents have left the sandboxes and glass containers (terrariums) and hopped directly into the middle of flower arrangements. Most creative florists companies were quick to perceive that these plants look versatile and peculiar which can make any flower design stand out, not just in a desert or Southwestern-style design. These plants come in different sizes […]

Which Flower Should You Give on Your Wedding Anniversary?

10 FLOWER IDEAS FOR YOUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY What could possibly bring more exciting memories of love worth celebrating than a wedding anniversary? For the most part of the world, romance and bliss have been indisputably linked to different types of flowers and the meaning they carry. Sweet-smelling, fresh flower have been the messengers of love […]

Ultimate Guide: How do you Write the Perfect Valentine Message?  

What to Write in Valentine’s Day Card? Besides arranging a special flower delivery on Valentine’s day, your card message along with the Valentine’s Day flower bouquet will be the next utmost important. Constructing a beautiful message for your Valentine is often mind-numbing. This is because, you may not be able to exactly translate into words, the […]

How to Make Flowers Last Longer

WAYS TO MAKE FLOWERS LAST LONGER We all understand nothing lasts forever. The beauty of today becomes the ashes of tomorrow. Those Valentine’s Day flowers, anniversary flowers, birthday flowers you received from a special flower delivery, or when you were in convalescence will soon fade and wilt into oblivion. Bright blossoms will adequately beautify a […]

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