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What Should I Do If a Girl Rejects a Surprise Flower from Me?

Sending a gift of flowers to a girl is something that a guy finds special and meaningful. With all the lovely bouquets in beautiful designs and arrangements, it is most convenient for men to send flowers on special occasions instead of other gift items. This is because wonderful bouquets are expressive of feelings and emotions. […]

All about Bird of Paradise – History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

When it comes to tropical flowers, nothing will compare to the unique beauty of Bird of Paradise flower. The complex appeal of the blooms and the beautiful combination of colors make this flower the quintessential exotic tropical flower. It has three petals in bright orange color and the three blue petals are fused together in […]

Chinese Funeral Etiquette and Superstitions

When it comes to funerals, significant rituals and ceremonies are practiced although they differ from one country to another or from one culture to another. Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, China practices their old-age funeral customs until now. Part of the Confucian principle and tradition is that the younger members of […]

Singapore Religion and Funeral Rituals: Do you Send Flowers to a Christian Funeral?

No other culture is familiar with the tradition of sending funeral flowers than Christians. It is widely an acceptable norm that people do when they pay visits to the funeral of a loved one or someone they are acquainted. Though some cultures make this norm a difficult thing to do, Christians would be so overwhelmed […]

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