Monthly Archives: September 2019

Which Color Flowers for Funeral and Meaning?

When someone in the family dies, a funeral service comes next. Although this is the most emotional and difficult time for anyone, saying goodbye through the funeral service is important. During this time of sorrow and sadness, flowers play an important role. Flowers help create an environment filled with peace and solemnity as well as […]

History of the Poinsettia

There are several occasion symbols and traditions that have become ingrained in our lifestyle and at times it appears as a riddle when we start thinking of where they started from. Along with Christmas trees, the poinsettia always pops up when one thinks of holiday plants for December’s celebrations. Its history, particularly how it ended […]

Why Are Orchids So Expensive?

Orchids are not just rare and unique, but they are expensive, too. There are several reasons why orchids are expensive. If you find the common Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, and beautiful blooms of Orchids in a flower bouquet or flower arrangements, some of them are at a great deal of prices. But there are orchids they are […]

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